What is the Role of Humans in Resource Development?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Role of humans in resource development is crucial as they use nature to create more resources using their knowledge, technology, and skills. People are regarded as special resources because of this. When creating resources, people are the main focus because only through human usage do things become resources.

Role of Humans in Resource Development

Humans can turn natural things into usable ones through technology. Without technology, the development would not be possible.

  • People who have advanced skills can employ technology to change underdeveloped areas into developed ones. Japan is one instance.
  • In order to transform arid land into an area rich in food crops for daily consumption, humans have created both organic and chemical fertilizers.
  • Despite the fact that people have harmed the ecology, some development can be seen.
  • The progress of a country is influenced by the advancement of humanity as a whole. People help a nation’s economy grow.
  • They can utilize their entire power to eliminate social immaturity and change diverse substances into appropriate forms.
  • The interdependence of nature is crucial for converting things into resources.
  • Through the use of technology, humans communicate with the natural world and construct organizations and sectors of the economy. People are therefore a crucial component of resources.


What is the Role of Humans in Resource Development?

The Role Humans in resource development are regarded as extraordinary resources because they utilize nature to its fullest advantage by possessing the knowledge, tools, and expertise to do so. There are some locations where resources are in plentiful supply. However, there are also some areas where resources are sparse and humans must learn to use them judiciously.

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