What is the National Game of Japan?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Sumo Wrestling is the national game of Japan. Not many people know what is the national game of Japan. Sumo wrestling is not only a sport but also an important component of the culture in Japan. It is a game that was initiated in Japan and was first played in the 16th century. Hence, it is considered a crucial part of Japan’s history.

National Game of Japan

It’s interesting to note that the professional game of sumo wrestling is exclusively practised in Japan. In order to eliminate their opponent from the ring or circular arena, two wrestlers known as rikishi shove each other. It has six different divisions and is a high-contact sport.

  • The middle of the sixteenth century saw the introduction of this game.
  • It is performed on a professional level only in Japan.
  • The wrestler (Rikishi) uses all of his body parts other than his sole to push, simply throw, or otherwise bring his competitor to the ground in this full-contact sport.
  • Sumo wrestling has six divisions: makuuchi, jry, makushita, sandanme, jonidan, and jonokuchi.
  • Many historical rituals are still practised in sumo, notably, the game still incorporates many elements of Shinto tradition, such as the salt-cleansing ritual.


What is the National Game of Japan?

The national game of Japan is Sumo wrestling and is exclusively practised there. It is a contact sport that started in Japan in the 16th century. Even today, the game is only played in Japan on a professional level. Some other sports that are popular in Japan include Baseball, Table Tennis, Rugby, etc.

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