What is the Most Dangerous Computer Virus in 2023?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Most Dangerous Computer viruses in 2023 are Hidden Ransomware, Clop Ransomware, RaaS, Zeus Gameover, and New Malware Attacks. A computer virus is a piece of software or malware that corrupts data and storage. It is computer software that repeats itself by changing and injecting its code into other computer programs.

Most Dangerous Computer Virus in 2023

Here are the five most dangerous computer viruses in 2023 that we must be aware of:

  • Clop Ransomware: This virus is a member of the Cryptomix ransomware family, and it deliberately avoids unprotected systems while encrypting stored files with the Clop extension. It encrypts images, movies, and music by applying for a CLOP or CEOP file extension, preventing victims from accessing personal material and forcing them to pay a ransom to decode the compromised files.
  • Hidden Ransomware: The virus belongs to the Void Crypt ransomware family that tricks users into installing it by displaying a fake Windows Update message with the ‘.exe’ file in disguise. Once installed, it encrypts the data and demands money to decrypt it.
  • Zeus Gameover: It is a sophisticated malware that steals banking and other credentials. Once infected, it accesses bank account details and steals all the money. It is mostly spread through spam e-mails.
  • RaaS: Known as “Ransomware as a Service.” It is pay-for-use malware created by experts to be sold to customers who use it to hold people’s data hostage.
  • News malware attacks: Hackers utilize trending news to target individuals. The hackers send emails to readers with a link to the most recent trending news update. The link contains a virus that will steal the necessary information as soon as the readers click on it.


What is the Most Dangerous Computer Virus in 2023?

The Most Dangerous Computer viruses in 2023 are Clop Ransomware, Hidden Ransomware, Zeus Gameover, RaaS, and New malware attacks. When executed, a computer virus is a sort of computer program that repeats itself by altering other computer programs and inserting its own code.

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