What is the Latitudinal and Longitudinal Extent of India?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The latitudinal and longitudinal extents of India are 6°44 and 35°30 and 68°7′ and 97°25′, respectivly. India is located north of the equator. The northernmost point is Kashmir (37°6′N), while the southernmost point is Kanyakumari (8°4′N). The westernmost point is Gujarat (68°7′E), while the easternmost point is Arunachal Pradesh (97°25E).

Latitudinal and Longitudinal

India is a vast stretch of land that offers different landscapes and temperature zones. The Bay of Bengal (with its islands) 6°45′N is where the southernmost point of India is Indira Point. This latitudinal extremity’s length from north to south is 3,214 km.

This 2,933 km-long extreme runs from East to West. The distance between the latitudes remains constant throughout; however, as one moves closer to the poles, the distance between the two longitudes decreases.

Latitudinal and Longitudinal Extent of India

Some facts about the country’s expansion are listed below:

  • India is almost entirely within the path of the Tropic of Cancer (23°30’N) as it covers eight states. India’s center is traversed by a path north of the equator.
  • The latitude of India ranges from 37°6′N to 8°4′N from the northernmost point of Kashmir to the southernmost point of Kanyakumari.
  • From the westernmost point of Gujarat to the easternmost point of Arunachal Pradesh, the longitudinal extent of India is from 68°7′ to 97°25′E.
  • The eastern and westernmost points are separated by a difference of 30 degrees.
  • The latitudinal extent of India is 8° 4′ N and 36° 7 N, while its longitudinal extent is 68° 7 E and 97° 25′ E.
  • The longitudinal extent influences the climate of the region. From south to north, the latitudinal extension affects how long the day and night are.

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