What is the Difference between Breathing and Respiration?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between breathing and respiration is that breathing occurs through the respiratory organs, such as the windpipe, nose, lungs, etc., while respiration occurs through the cells and cell organelles, such as mitochondria. Furthermore, breathing is the biological process of inhaling and exhaling the gases between the lungs and the environment. Respiration is the process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide to oxidize nutrients inside the cell.

Difference between Breathing and Respiration

Breathing and respiration are the keys to carrying out daily life activities. Without the support of these two activities, a living organism will not survive. The main difference between breathing and respiration is given below in the table:

Breathing Respiration
Breathing is a biological process that occurs inside respiratory structures such as the windpipe, lungs, and nose. Respiration is a chemical process that takes place in the cell.
Breathing occurs outside the cell, making it intracellular. Respiration occurs inside the cell, making it intercellular.
It does not involve the use of enzymes. Phosphofructokinase is the main enzyme involved during respiration.
The gases enter the bloodstream through the alveoli. The gases enter the cell from the blood and carry them toward the tissues.
Occurs in two phases: Inhalation and Exhalation. Occurs through Glycolysis and Krebs Cycle.
Breathing requires the use of ATP. ATP is produced from the nutrients in the cell.
Breathing can be controlled voluntarily and involuntarily. Respiration is involuntary as it takes place inside the cell.


What is the Difference between Breathing and Respiration?

The Difference between Breathing and Respiration is that breathing requires using respiratory organs such as the lungs, nose, and windpipe. In contrast, respiration involves the use of cell organelles and cells.

Further, breathing is a biological process, and respiration is a chemical process. Thus, breathing and respiration are two different phenomena in a living organism.

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