Branchial Respiration are Found in

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Branchial respiration is present in prawns and cyclopes. It is gill-mediated breathing. Aquatic arthropods and molluscs have specialized vascularized structures called gills that serve as respiratory organs. Amphibians, reptiles, and mammals among the vertebrates are known to breathe through their lungs, while fish breathe through their gills. Fish, aquatic arthropods, and molluscs all exhibit branchial respiration.

Presence of Branchial Respiration

A gill is an aquatic animal’s breathing system. Gill excretes carbon dioxide while removing dissolved oxygen from the water. Gills are known to zoologists as branchia. Branchial respiration is the term for breathing across the gills. The branchial respiration practised by prawns and cyclopes, two crustaceans from the phylum Arthropoda, is known as branchial respiration.

Simple diffusion allows lower species like sponges, coelenterates, and flatworms to employ their entire body surface for gaseous exchange. Tracheal tubes serve as the breathing system for insects. Frogs and earthworms may breathe through their damp skin.

Facts About Branchial Respiration:

Branchial respiration occurs through branchial arcs. These are also known as gill arcs. Check out other important facts about gill arcs and branchial respiration below.

  • These are present on the body of fishes as loops that act as supporting organs for the gills.
  • Most fishes have 7 or 8 such arches that help them during preparation.
  • These parts are often used for the purpose of feeding as well.


Branchial Respiration are Found in

Fishes, Molluscs, and Aquatic arthropods practice the method of Branchial respiration. Prawns and cyclopes also have branchial respiration. Gill-mediated breathing is known as branchial respiration. Gills are specialized vascularized structures found on aquatic arthropods and molluscs that act as respiratory organs.

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