Differentiate between Seasonal Hunger and Chronic Hunger

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between Seasonal Hunger and Chronic Hunger is that Seasonal hunger is caused due to unemployment at a particular time or season whereas Chronic hunger is caused by a poor diet and poverty. Food and hunger are necessary aspects of life. It denotes food security, and ongoing hunger may have a number of causes. Seasonal hunger and chronic hunger are two prevalent types of hunger.

Difference between Seasonal Hunger and Chronic Hunger

Hunger is an unpleasant or painful physical experience brought on by insufficient dietary energy intake. Let’s try to understand the difference between Seasonal Hunger and Chronic Hunger in detail.

Seasonal Hunger Chronic Hunger
Seasonal hunger occurs when a person cannot find employment for the entire year or a whole season. Chronic hunger is characterized by persistent hunger. More food is consumed than the body can absorb.
Seasonal hunger is generally related to cycles of growing food and harvesting. Chronic hunger is primarily associated with malnutrition, which is brought on by a lack of adequate energy intake.
Seasonal hunger is prevalent in rural areas due to the seasonal nature of agricultural activities and in urban areas due to casual laborers. This occurs due to an inadequate diet in terms of quantity and quality.
Seasonal hunger is a problem in urban and rural areas due to seasonality in agriculture and casual employment. This is primarily observed in rural areas where people’s low incomes prevent them from affording healthy food.


Differentiate Between Seasonal Hunger and Chronic Hunger

Seasonal Hunger and Chronic Hunger: Seasonal hunger is the type of hunger that occurs when a person is unable to find work for a long time. This can happen due to the seasonal nature of work such as Agriculture and harvesting and is, therefore, common in rural areas. On the contrary, chronic hunger is caused due to an insufficient and inadequate diet because of very low income and incapability to purchase basic food items for survival.

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