What is the Difference between a Ramjet and Scramjet?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between a Ramjet and Scramjet is that Ramjets have combustion chambers with subsonic airflow, whereas Scramjets have combustion chambers with supersonic airflow. Ramjet/scramjet engine demonstrations and air-breathing hypersonic vehicle design tools and techniques are at the top of the Hyper-X program’s list of needed technologies.

Difference between a Ramjet and Scramjet

The key benefits of scramjet and ramjet engines are that they don’t have rotating or moving parts, which enables the vehicle to travel at higher speeds with greater efficiency. The following are Differences between a Ramjet and Scramjet:

Ramjet Scramjet
Ramjets don’t have any moving parts, unlike turbojets. The leading enabling technology for this initiative is the scramjet engine.
Ramjet engines known as scramjets (supersonic-combustion ramjets) maintain supersonic airflow throughout the machine. It might be impossible to maintain a supersonic flight without it.
Ramjet-powered vehicles require rocket-assisted take-off to push them to a speed where they can begin to create thrust. Scramjet technology is complex since there are few ground-based testing options.
It is a type of airbreathing jet engine that generates thrust by using the engine’s forward motion. It is a ramjet airbreathing jet engine version in which combustion occurs in supersonic airflow.
Using shock cones, a ramjet slows the air to subsonic speeds before combustion. A scramjet relies on high vehicle speed to forcefully compress entering air before combustion.


What is the Difference between a Ramjet and Scramjet?

Scramjets have supersonic airflow in their combustion chambers, whereas ramjets have subsonic airflow. One of their primary advantages is that Scramjet and Ramjet engines have no rotating or moving parts.

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