What is the biggest difference between VR and AR?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The biggest difference between VR and AR is that AR does not replace the physical environment with 3D digital characteristics, but VR does. The primary goal of virtual reality is to simulate eyesight. A VR headset screen must be put in front of the user’s eyes, blocking out all outside-world interaction. Two lenses are placed between the screen and the VR.

Difference between VR and AR

The user must adjust their eyes dependent on the movement and placement of each eye. The visuals on the screen can be rendered by a PC or smartphone connected through an HDMI wire.

  • To simulate a real-world experience, speakers, goggles, and occasionally portable wearables are used.
  • Virtual reality engages the visual, audio, and haptic (touch) senses by immersing the user in the constructed world.

The following are the major Difference between VR and AR:

VR (Virtual Reality) AR (Augmented Reality)
VR is totally imaginary. AR takes place in the real world.
The system monitors VR users. AR users have control over their presence in the real world.
VR requires the use of a headgear device. AR is accessible via smartphone.
VR enhances a fictitious reality. AR enhances both the virtual and real worlds.

Advantages of AR and VR

The main advantage of the two is VR creates an immersive virtual environment, while AR augments a real-world scene. Following are the advantages of AR and VR in detail:

Advantages of Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Provides personalized instruction
  • Promoting the process of learning
  • Many different fields
  • Provides creativity and ongoing progress
  • Boost accuracy
  • The usage of augmented reality can improve user understanding and information.
  • Experiences can be shared across great distances.
  • Aids in creating games that provide players with a “genuine” experience.

Advantages of Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Integrated learning
  • Make the environment lively
  • Boost your workforce’s capacity
  • Make it convenient
  • The ability to build a real world that the user may explore is one of the most significant benefits of VR.
  • Education is made easier and more comfortable with virtual reality.
  • Users of virtual reality can experiment in a manufactured setting.


What is the biggest difference between VR and AR?

The difference between VR and AR is that AR does not return to the physical environment with 3D qualities, but VR does. Virtual reality creates an immersive virtual environment. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, generates a real-world scene.

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