What is Meant by an Independent Judiciary?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

An Independent Judiciary operates independently of any outside entities. The path taken by our country’s judicial power is unhindered by elements outside of the court. The media, litigants, the state, and other large entities are not taken into account in judicial proceedings.

Independent Judiciary

This independence of the judiciary, however, does not imply a lack of accountability or general arbitrariness. The judiciary is an indispensable cog in the democratic political machine. As a result, it is only accountable to the Constitution and its strict enforcement.

A democracy can only function if its judiciary is independent and not influenced by external factors of any kind. When we say that the Indian judiciary is autonomous, we mean that;

  • The executive and the legislature (the other parts of the government) should never stifle the functioning and work of the judiciary that puts an obstacle in the way of justice.
  • These other parts of the government should never intrude on the decision-making process of the judiciary.
  • Judges should not be clouded by fear, doubt, or favor when they are performing their function.

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