What is DBT and DBTL?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

DBT and DBTL – The DBT was started on 01 January 2013 with the aim to reform the Government delivery system. The aim of the DBTL scheme is to eliminate duplicate or bogus LPG connections and reduce diversion. DBT ensures a simpler and faster flow of information or funds to accurate beneficiaries and a reduction in fraud. Under the DBTL scheme, consumers get the cylinder at the market price, and the subsidy is directly transferred to their bank account.


DBT seeks to develop a Giro system for transferring subsidies directly to people’s linked bank accounts. DBT or the Direct Benefit Transfer project was first launched in 43 districts for 26 Central Government Schemes. Thus, it was launched in a phased manner by the government. On the other hand, DBTL was first launched in 2013 and later modified in 2014.

Advantages of DBT and DBTL

The following are the advantages of DBT and DBTL that will provide you with a better understanding of these programs:

Advantages of DBT Advantages of DBTL
DBT stands for Direct Benefit Transfer. DBTL is the short form of Direct Benefits Transfer for LPG.
Leakages are avoided. Eliminate duplicate or fake connections.
Money is directly transferred to the account of the beneficiary. Entitlement of subsidy to the consumer
Government can better target the beneficiary through Aadhaar. Delivery of cylinder to genuine customers.

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