What are the Conditions under which Democracies Accommodate Social Diversities?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The conditions under which democracy accommodates social diversities are the provisional opinions of the majority and minority groups. The majority considers itself to be the sole power, but democracy is not like that. The division of society into two groups has affected the smooth functioning of the government, ultimately leading to a lot of chaos.

Conditions for Democracies to Accommodate Social Diversities

One of the major objectives of democracy is to create harmony in the social life of its citizens. However, certain conditions affect the smooth functioning of society. The circumstances under which democracy accommodates social diversities are as follows:

  • The opinion of the majority and minority groups is not permanent.
  • What is needed is that the majority and the minorities work in harmony so that the government can function smoothly to represent common ideas.
  • Instead of majority rule, both sides of society should not contribute, because democracy is not like that.
  • The decision of the majority should be free from discrimination based on the terms of religion, race, or linguistic group.
  • If a person is barred from being a majority on the basis of his birth, then democratic rules no longer are liberal.
  • In the case of each decision of each election, the majority may be formed by different individuals or groups. This is known as the rule of the majority.
  • Democracy is meant to be fair as long as all citizens do not have a chance to form a majority.

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