What are the Applications of Light?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Humans can study distant things in space and observe everything around them is the Applications of Light. Only in the presence of light are plants able to sustain themselves, as sunlight is required for photosynthesis. Hence, plants prepare food for themselves and other living things using the light they receive.

Applications of Light in Everyday Life

We are aware of the health benefits of vitamin D, which is easily available to us through sunlight. Sun is, therefore, the best source of this vitamin for obtaining this energy and preventing multiple diseases.

  • We can use the light energy we receive from the sun for domestic tasks like running solar cookers, and the sunlight is also used for solar water heaters.
  • The only thing that can help us see the beautiful things around us is light.
  • Visible light is electromagnetic radiation that falls inside the human eye’s visible spectrum.
  • But light is what makes it all possible. We use spectroscopy to investigate various chemicals in both quantitative and qualitative ways. Spectroscopy takes different forms depending on the wavelength of light that is used in each.
  • The UV portion of the light is a powerful sterilizer. You may have noticed that since UV lamps are the most effective sterilizers, hospitals, and retail establishments use them.
  • Due to the UV rays’ ability to destroy airborne microorganisms, sanitary conditions in public places like supermarkets and hospitals are maintained.
  • As a result, UV light is thought of as a dry form of sterilization.


What are the Applications of Light?

The primary application of light is that it enables us to see everything around us and study distant objects in space. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient sterilizing agents, and sunlight helps eliminate all the microorganisms found in hospital mattresses or other bedding. Solar energy can also help us power electronic devices and is an unlimited source of energy.

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