What are the Aims and Objectives of the UNO?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The aims and objectives of the UNO are to prevent international conflict between nations, to facilitate cooperation among states, to bring countries together to improve the prospects of social and economic development all over the world, and to maintain international peace and security. UNO stands for United Nations Organisation. It was founded in 1945 after the second world war.

Aims and Objectives of UNO

The United Nations Organisation is an association whose primary objective is to maintain peace, security, and harmony, develop friendly relations between nations, and achieve international cooperation.

The United Nations is an international organization made up of 193 member states. It is a place where nations can gather together to discuss common problems and find shared solutions that benefit humanity. It was established in 1945 through the signing of the United Nations Charter by 51 states.

The main bodies of the United Nations are as follows:

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