Uma Harathi N UPSC Topper Rank 3: Biography, Age, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Uma Harathi N has secured the AIR 3 in the recently released UPSC final result 2022. This year, women have dominated the top 4 positions in the UPSC exam. She along with the Ishita Kishore (AIR 1), Garima Lohia (AIR 2), and Smriti Mishra (AIR 4) have made a strong case for all female aspirants preparing for the upcoming UPSC exam.

Uma Harathi N is an alumna of IIT Hyderabad. She cleared the UPSC exam on her fifth attempt and is a wonderful example of perseverance and dedication. Read the article further to learn more about Uma Harathi N such as her biography, age, optional subject, and preparation strategy.

Uma Harathi N UPSC Topper AIR 3

Uma Harathi N is UPSC Topper 2022 AIR 3 and belongs to Telangana. The UPSC result 2022 was released on 23rd May 2023. It was a joyous occasion for many candidates who are selected for the civil services in the country. Uma Harathi is one of those candidates who has secured the third rank overall and has set an example for future aspirants.

Uma has a strong academic background and supportive family and friends. She wants to work in the fields of education and women empowerment. She firmly believes that it is okay to fail and one should own up to their failures and learn from them.

Uma Harathi N Biography

Uma Harathi N belongs to Huzur Nagar Sitaramnagar Colony, Suryapet, Telangana. Her father, Nukala Venkateshwarlu, is the Superintendent of Police in the Naranapet region. Her mother is a homemaker. She has a degree in civil engineering from IIT Hyderabad. Uma is estimated to be 27 to 28 years old.

Uma has credited her family for her success. She mentioned that it was her father who motivated her to become an IAS officer as it is a good platform as well as an excellent profession to be in.

Uma Harathi N UPSC Topper 2022 AIR 3
Rank 3rd
UPSC Exam Year 2022
Age 27-28 years
Attempt Fifth
Native Telangana
Education IIT Hyderabad (Civil Engineering)
Father Nukala Venkateshwarlu (SP of Naranapet)
Optional Subject Anthropology

Uma Harathi N Education Background

Uma Harathi N AIR 3 of UPSC 2022 is an alumna of IIT Hyderabad. She pursued a B.Tech degree in civil engineering. She did her schooling at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Hyderabad till 10th Class. Uma started her UPSC preparation right after graduation with Anthropology as her optional subject.

Uma Harathi N also worked in a civil services coaching institute for 6 months. She has mentioned that she came to Delhi for UPSC exam preparation but could not find the peace of mind she needed to be in to prepare efficiently. She turned to her friends and leveraged group study to reach her aim.

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Success Story of Uma Harathi N

The success story of Uma Harathi N is very motivating and is an inspiration for many. She cleared the UPSC exam on her fifth attempt. Uma firmly believes that it is important to learn from your failures and not let failures deter you from doing better the next time.

Uma’s journey was not easy and was full of its share of ups and downs. She had to fail four times before achieving her dream of cracking the civil services exam. She believes her group study sessions with her friends were a great contributor to her success. Her parents also supported her throughout her preparation journey, never asking her how long it will take for her to clear the exam.

Uma Harathi N Struggles and Challenges

Uma Harathi N has achieved AIR 3 in UPSC 2022 exam. However, this great feat was not without challenges. Uma had to go through many struggles before cracking the exam on her fifth attempt.

  • Uma reached the interview stage on her third attempt only to fail due to the Mains exam in which she did not have a good score.
  • The turning point in Uma’s preparation was when she failed Prelims on her fourth attempt.
  • She realized that Geography as her optional subject was not working for her. She then chose Anthropology.
  • Uma has mentioned that the failure gave her the much-needed opportunity for introspection. It led her to have some time to think which led her to a better understanding of herself.

Uma Harathi recognizes that the journey to cracking UPSC is not easy, it is full of challenges but one must learn from them and not give up when faced with failures.

Preparation Strategy of Uma Harathi N

Uma Harathi N UPSC Topper AIR 3 followed a simple preparation strategy. According to Uma, it is important to stay focused and not get lost in the sea of preparation material available in the market. Here are some of the tips shared by Uma Harathi N to help you prepare for the UPSC 2024 exam.

  • Understanding the UPSC syllabus is a must. As the syllabus is quite vast, a proper understanding of it is essential to prepare an efficient strategy to ensure productivity.
  • Solve as many UPSC previous year question papers as possible. These papers will give you a good idea about the trends of the exam in the last few years. Apart from this, practicing UPSC mock tests is also a good way of ensuring you are getting acquainted with a wide variety of questions and topics.
  • Aspiring candidates should read NCERTs from classes 6th to 12th as they cover almost all the important concepts one needs to know to prepare well.
  • Choose your optional subject cautiously. As in Uma Harathi’s case, it is easy to choose the wrong subject. Take your time carefully choosing your optional subject.
  • Refer to UPSC online coaching to get a framework on how to prepare and instill much-needed discipline which is essential to crack UPSC exam.
  • Do not fear failure. It is important to stay focused and not let anything impact you. Failure is just another stepping stone toward success.

Uma Harathi N Optional Subject in UPSC

Uma Harathi N chose Anthropology as her UPSC optional subject. She had Geography for her first four attempts however, she realized it was not the right choice for her. She referred to Anthropology Optional books for her preparation along with discussions with her friends.

Uma ensures she was well-versed with Anthropology optional syllabus for the UPSC exam and prepare accordingly. According to her, one should not read too much, one should read only to the extent to which they can understand the study material properly. Studying UPSC study material mindfully is one of the most important things which all aspirants should keep in mind.

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