Tick the Correct Answer: The Innermost Layer of the Earth is (a) Core (b) Crust (c) Mantle (d) None of these

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Innermost Layer of the Earth is the Core. The earth’s interior is divided into three layers: mantle, crust, and core. The solid portion of the earth is the crust, the uppermost layer of the earth. The mantle is the portion of the earth that lies beneath the crust. The core is the earth’s final layer, also known as the nife layer.

Innermost Layer of the Earth

The understanding of the earth’s innermost layer, the core, was developed using earthquake wave velocities.

  • Its radius measures about 3500 km.
  • The innermost layer of the earth is made up of iron and nickel.
  • It possesses very high temperature and pressure.
  • The core forms 15 percent of the volume of the earth.
  • It accounts for 33 percent of the mass of the earth.
  • It has two layers, the outer core, and the inner core.

The only planet in our solar system where people can live is Earth. It was created by a blast in the solar system. From there, our planet’s atmosphere aided in making it an ideal place to live. Humans and other animals live on the earth’s outermost layer. Aside from that, some sea creatures can dive deep into the sea.

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