The Water Holding Capacity is the Highest in

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The water-holding capacity is the highest in Clayey soil. It is due to its small size and silt particles, which have a huge amount of surface area compared to large-size particles. Therefore the large surface area will allow you to hold huge amounts of water. The other reason to hold water is the organic matter in the soil.

Soil with Highest Water holding Capacity

The quantity of water a soil can hold to help crops during dry seasons is known as its water-holding capacity. Large-surfaced soils are more adept at retaining water, increasing their capacity to keep water. The soil’s grain size affects how much water is retained by the soil. In contrast to sandy soil, which has huge, coarse particles that are not cohesive, the smaller the soil particles, such as clay, the more likely it is that water molecules will cling to soil particles.

  • Compared to clay soil, sandy soil has a lower capacity to store water.
  • Sand has a lower ability to store water than loam, while clay has the maximum capacity.
  • Water moves more slowly because clay has many microscopic pore spaces and tiny clay particles (the highest water-holding capacity).
  • Sandy soils have good drainage but have a poor capacity to store water and nutrients.

Water-holding Capacity of Soil

There are various types of soil each possessing different characteristics. Each of these types of soil has a certain water-holding capacity that has been listed below.

  • Sand: 0.8”/ft
  • Loamy Sand: 1.2”/ft
  • Clay: 1.35”/ft
  • Silty Clay: 1.60”/ft


The Water Holding Capacity is the Highest in

Clayey soil has the highest capacity of holding water. This is because clay soil particles have larger spaces between them, which increases their potential for retention. These soils can absorb more water. Sandy soil is a type that is comparatively less capable of retaining water.

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