Time Period of a Simple Pendulum Depends upon? (A) Length of the pendulum (B) Mass of the pendulum bob (C) Tension in the string of the pendulum (D) Density of the material of the pendulum

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The time period of a simple pendulum depends upon the length of the pendulum. Apart from the pendulum’s length, the time period can also depend on gravity, and to a small extent, on the maximum angle that the pendulum swings away. A heavyweight at the bottom of the chain or stick suspended from a fixed point to swing freely under the action of gravity is called a Pendulum.

Time Period of a Simple Pendulum

The time period of a simple pendulum refers to its complete cycle. This cycle consists of one complete right swing and one complete left swing.

  • The time period of this cycle depends on the length of the pendulum string.
  • The angle from the vertical in an oscillating simple pendulum may be regarded as a displacement variable.
  • The motion of the simple pendulum can be described in terms of the angular displacement from the vertical.
  • The pendulum is used in a Seismometer, which measures the strength of an Earthquake.

Time Period of a Simple Pendulum Formula

The formula to determine the time period of a simple pendulum is:

T = 2π√(L/g)

Where T is the time period, L is the effective length of the pendulum, and g is the acceleration.

Motion of Simple Pendulum

Some key factors related to the motion of a simple pendulum have been mentioned below:

  • Due to the air drag and the friction at the support, a simple pendulum’s motion ultimately dies out.
  • When a simple pendulum is displaced from its equilibrium position and released, it oscillates with its natural frequency, and the oscillation is called free oscillation.


Time period of a Simple Pendulum Depends upon?

The time period of a simple pendulum relies on the length of the string. A pendulum consists of a bob, a point of heavy mass, and a string to which that mass is attached. The time period of a pendulum, which consists of one right swing and one left swing, will depend on the length of its string.

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