Hooke’s Law is Valid for

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Hooke’s Law is valid for the proportional region of the stress-strain curve. It is an empirical law and is found to be valid for most materials. It is valid only in the linear part of the stress-strain curve. However, there are some materials that do not indicate this linear relationship.

Where in the Stress-Strain Curve the Hooke’s Law is Valid

According to Hooke’s law, for small deformations in many materials, stress is directly proportional to the strain. The modulus of elasticity is the name given to the proportionality constant. Three elastic moduli, such as Young’s, Shear, and Bulk moduli, can be used to explain how elastic objects behave. Elastomers are solids that do not follow Hooke’s law.

A metal spring is an elastic object, and the force needed to stretch it is, up to a point, directly proportional to the spring’s extension. This is referred to as Hooke’s law and is usually written as follows: F = k x boxed F=-kx F=kx.

Terms related to Hooke’s Law

Following are the terms and their explanation that are used while describing Hooke’s Law:

  • The point of elastic limit on the stress-strain curve is called the yield point.
  • The corresponding stress is known as yield strength.
  • The ratio of tensile stress (σ) to the longitudinal strain (ε) is defined as Young’s modulus. It is denoted by the symbol Y.
  • The ratio of stress and strain is called the modulus of elasticity.

Tensile Strength, Elastic Limit and Young’s Modulus for some materials have been elaborated in the table given below.

Substance Tensile Strength Elastic Limit Young’s Modulus
Steel 50 30 200
Wrought Iron 33 17 190
Copper 40 20 120
Aluminum 20 18 70


Hooke’s Law is Valid for

The proportional region of the stress-strain curve is where Hooke’s Law is applicable. It is an empirical law that has been shown to apply to the majority of materials. Only the linear portion of the stress-strain curve is where it is valid. Some materials, however, do not suggest this linear relationship.

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