Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper AIR 4: Biography, Age, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Smriti Mishra has secured All India Rank 4 as per the latest UPSC result. She secured the fourth highest rank in the Civil Services 2022 examination, with Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, and Uma Harathi N, in the first three places, respectively. It is a matter of great pride for India that the first four positions are held by female candidates this time.

The list of UPSC toppers has been released in a PDF format by the Union Public Service Commission. Moving forward, the selected candidates will be allotted a cadre as per their preference and availability of positions.

Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper AIR 4

Smriti Mishra, who has ranked fourth in the UPSC Exam this year only started preparing seriously for the Civil service exam amid the COVID-19 outbreak. She has revealed that she failed CSAT in 2021. Therefore, securing an impressive All-India rank in UPSC was not something she ever dreamt of. She explained how she screamed when she saw the result and her whole family was overwhelmed upon hearing the news of her result.

In the current year, the reported number of vacancies in Civil services has risen to 1022, marking the highest figure in recent years. The Union Public Service Commission conducts the Civil Services Examination (CSE) in two stages: the Preliminary Examination (Prelims) and the Main Examination (Mains). Becoming a UPSC topper and securing a rank in the top five is an extraordinary thing as this is one of the most challenging exams in the country.

Smriti Mishra Biography

Smriti Mishra grew up in the city of Prayagraj with her family. Her father, Rajkumar Mishra, is posted in Bareilly as a CO, and her brother is a practicing lawyer in the Supreme Court. Smriti has always been an academically inclined individual and excelled in her studies throughout her school and college years. During her academic journey, Smriti developed a keen interest in public service and aspired to make a positive impact on society.

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Smriti Mishra Education Background

Smriti Mishra, who has bagged AIR 4 in the UPSC civil service exam 2022 is a graduate of the prestigious Miranda House College in the University of Delhi. She completed her Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree from the college and later studied Law. She did her schooling in the city of Agra at St. Clair’s Higher Secondary School. Not only has she made her alma maters proud but Smriti Mishra has also become an inspiration for many young people and especially girls who dream of getting into the civil service in India.

Success Story of Smriti Mishra

Growing up in a family that values public service, Smriti imbibed a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to contribute to the betterment of her country since childhood. She was inspired by her father who has served the country selflessly as the CO of Police. When she scored 96.6% in Class 12, her family knew she would achieve remarkable things in her future as well.

After completing her schooling, she moved to the capital with her brother to pursue her higher education. What many people don’t know is that Smriti has cleared the UPSC exam on her third attempt. What’s interesting is that she did not even clear the prelims exam on her second attempt. Although Smriti failed the prelims on her second attempt, she did not give up on her dream and determination to clear the exam and serve her country. Hence, her journey is a testament to her determination, passion, and commitment to public service.

Smriti Mishra Struggles and Challenges

Smriti Mishra’s journey to securing rank 4 in UPSC was not one without struggles or challenges. She faced a highly competitive environment, where thousands of aspirants were competing for a limited number of positions. Smriti has revealed that she isolated herself from social media for three years while preparing for the prestigious examination. Moreover, she dedicated countless hours to her preparation, often sacrificing leisure and personal time.

Many aspirants often lose heart when they don’t clear the exam a few times, but Smriti proved that staying focused and consistent can help you achieve your goals. Thus, she was able to not only crack the exam on her third attempt but also secure an exemplary rank!

Preparation Strategy of Smriti Mishra

Since the UPSC examination is one of the most challenging competitive exams, it is impossible to crack it without a proper preparation strategy. Smriti faced the task of mastering a vast and diverse UPSC syllabus, including subjects like history, geography, polity, and current affairs. Hence, she had to devote countless hours to not only cover the syllabus but also work on her writing skills.

The rigorous study schedule demanded discipline and focus as she had to navigate through piles of books, study notes, and online resources. Smriti has revealed that she found writing and making her own notes the most helpful as they helped her retain maximum information. She believes self-study is the most important component of clearing UPSC.

Smriti Mishra Optional Subject in UPSC

Choosing an optional subject for the UPSC examination holds significant importance and can greatly impact a candidate’s performance and overall ranking. This is because the optional subject carries substantial weightage in the UPSC Mains examination, contributing to the final ranking. Hence, a well-chosen optional subject can offer an opportunity for candidates to score high marks, boosting their overall performance.

Smriti Mishra chose Zoology as her optional subject for the UPSC exam. She found the subject interesting, which helped her score well in it. Zoology can be a good optional subject for candidates who are genuinely inclined toward the field and have a background in Science.

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