Secondary Distribution is Generally Carried Out at Which Voltage level?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Secondary Distribution is generally carried out at the Voltage level of 440 V/ 230V. The part of electric power distribution which carries electrical energy from the distribution transformer and delivers it to the end customer is called secondary distribution. The frequency of the electricity that is delivered is 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz. These numbers are decided after various economic and other considerations.

Voltage Level of Secondary Distribution

Most of the secondary networks are operated at AC-rated voltage and at a low voltage level. The components of the secondary distribution system are primary conductors, secondary conductors, and distribution transformers. While designing the secondary distribution system, companies consider two factors for load demands that are Diversity factor and the Coincident factor.

Types of Secondary Distribution Systems

There are three types of Secondary Distribution Systems namely Open Loop Systems, Radial Systems, and Network Distribution systems. Check the brief information on them below.

  • Open Loop System: A system that incorporates two distributors taking off from the same distribution transformer and running in different directions and supplying different areas is known as an open loop system.
  • Radial System: This system has only one power source and runs only through the area that is to be served by it.
  • Network Distribution: It is the most complicated system wherein the power to the given customers can be supplied from two or more distribution transformers. It operates continuously in parallel. It is suitable for serving in high-density areas like metropolitan cities.


Secondary Distribution is generally carried out at which Voltage level?

Secondary Distribution is carried out at 440 V/ 230 V. Electrical power that is generated is generated keeping in mind the economic conditions as well. There are two types of transmissions, primary and secondary. Secondary transformation further has two types of distribution, one of which is secondary distribution.

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