List of Important Mountain Passes in India – State Wise, Features, and Significance of Passes in India

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Mountain passes in India serve as the connectivity pathway via the mountain run. These passes in India are discovered above the river source, comprising a drainage range. The features of every mountain pass may differ – they can be steep slopes, very short passes, or run for many kilometers. Proper surveys are conducted to identify the highest end for any mountain passes in India. India has a total of 68 passes all over its plain area.

Passes in India depict a route to link distant regions of the country and neighboring nations for numerous objectives. The mountain passes in India have had a significant role in the war, trade, and migration of humans and animals throughout history. This article explains the important mountain passes in India, their significance, and their features.

What are Mountain Passes in India?

The passes in India are found in diverse states and have certain heights, which helps to differentiate between the highest and lowest mountain passes. Mountain passes are often called Hill Pass when discovered at lower altitudes. Some important passes in India are Mana Pass, Zoji La, Banihal Pass, Niti Pass, Nathu La, Shipki La, Bara-Lacha, Rohtang Pass, and Jalap La.

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Important Passes in India

Below are the mountain passes in India, their location, height, and the zones between them.

Passes in India


Height (ft)

Between/ Separating

Gyong La

Jammu and Kashmir (Siachen Glacier)


Nama Pass



Sia La

Jammu and Kashmir (Siachen Glacier)


Marsimik La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)


Lanak Pass

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)


Ladakh and Tibet

Bilafond La

Jammu and Kashmir (Siachen Glacier)


Sasser la

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)


Nubra and Siachen Glacier

Changla Pass

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)


Leh and Changthang

Tanglang La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)


Khardung La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)


Leh and Nubra

Auden’s Col



Debsa Pass

Himachal Pradesh


Lipulekh Pass



Lamkhaga Pass

Himachal Pradesh


Traill’s Pass



Kongka Pass

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)


Ladakh and Aksai Chin

Lungalacha La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)



Himachal Pradesh


Mayali Pass



Goecha La



Kunzum Pass

Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul and Spiti)


Lahaul and Spiti

Chanshal Pass

Himachal Pradesh


Indrahar Pass

Himachal Pradesh


Jelep La



Nathu La



Sikkim and Tibet

Sela Pass

Arunachal Pradesh


Fotu La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)


Rohtang Pass

Himachal Pradesh


Manali and Lahaul

Zojila Pass

Jammu and Kashmir (Kashmir, Ladakh)


Kashmir and Ladakh

Namika La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)





Banihal Pass

Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu, Kashmir)


Jammu and Kashmir

Diphu Pass

Arunachal Pradesh


Thamarassery Pass

Wayanad Kerala


Malabar and Mysore

Palakkad Gap



Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Shenkottai pass

Kollam Kerala


Travancore and Tamil Nadu


Madhya Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh

Dehra Compass

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)

Dhumdhar Kandi Pass


Haldighati Pass


Karakoram Pass

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)

Ladakh and Xinjiang

Pensi La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)

Rezang La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)

Shipki La

Himachal Pradesh

Shingo La

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)

Spangur Gap

Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)

Sin La


Mountain Passes in Leh and Ladakh

The important passes in Leh and Ladakh are listed below. These include:

  • Aghil Pass
  • Khardung La
  • Thang La / Taglang La
  • Bara-La/ Bara- Lacha La
  • Lanak La
  • Imis La
  • Chang-La

Passes in India (Leh and Ladakh)



– High mountain pass in the Greater Himalayas.

– Connects Ladakh with Tibet.

Aghil Pass

– Located in the Karakoram.

– Links Xinjiang of China to Ladakh.

– It is not open in the season of winter.

Bara-La/ Bara- Lacha La

– Situated on the National Highway in Jammu and Kashmir.

– Joins Manali and Leh.

Lanak La

– Found in the Aksai Chin (Ladakh).

– Joins Lhasa and Ladakh.

– The Chinese management constructed a roadway to merge Tibet and Xinjiang.

Imis La

– Tough geographical topography and vertical inclines.

– In the winter season, this pass in India stays closed.

– Links Tibet and Ladakh.

Khardung La

– – Connects Leh and Siachen glaciers.

– Highest motorable pass in India.

– Pass in India that remains closed during winter.

Thang La / Taglang La

– Located in Ladakh.

Second-highest motorable mountain pass in India.

Mountain Passes in Uttarakhand

The important passes in Uttarakhand are listed below. These include

  • Rohtang Pass: Kullu-Lahul-Spiti
  • Lipu Lekh: Uttarakhand-Tibet
  • Mangsha Dhura Pass: Uttarakhand-Tibet
  • Traill’s Pass
  • Niti Pass
  • Debsa Pass: Spiti Valley and Parvati Valley
  • Mana Pass: Uttarakhand-Tibet
  • Muling La: Uttarakhand-Tibet

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Passes in India (Uttarakhand)


Mana Pass: Uttarakhand-Tibet

– It is discovered in the Greater Himalayas and connects Uttarakhand and Tibet.

– Throughout winners, the pass experiences snowfall for six months.

Muling La: Uttarakhand-Tibet

– Discovered at 5669 m in the Great Himalayas to the north of Gangotri.

– This seasonal pass connecting Tibet and Uttarakhand remains covered with snow throughout winter.

Rohtang Pass: Kullu-Lahul-Spiti

– Found in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

– Possess an Ideal road conveyance.

– This pass in India connects Lahul, Spiti, and Kullu.

Lipu Lekh: Uttarakhand-Tibet

– Discovered in Uttarakhand.

– Combines Tibet with Uttarakhand.

– This mountain pass in India is a vital border headquarters for dealing with China.

Mangsha Dhura Pass: Uttarakhand-Tibet

– The pass in India that links Tibet-Uttarakhand experiences landslides.

– The sightseer for Manasarovar crossed this pass.

– It’s situated in the Kuthi Valley.

Traill’s Pass

– Located in Uttarakhand.

– Situated at the end of the Pindari glacier, connecting the Pindari valley to Milam valley.

– The pass in India is very steep and rugged.

Niti Pass

– Connects Tibet to Uttarakhand.

– The pass in India is covered with snow throughout winter.

Debsa Pass: Spiti Valley and Parvati Valley

– Connects Parvati Valley and Spiti Valley.

– Elevated pass in between Spiti (Himachal Pradesh) and Kullu.

– Bypass passage of Pin-Parvati Pass.

Mountain Passes in the Northeastern States

The important passes in the Northeastern States are listed below. These include

  • Nathu La
  • Dihang pass
  • Pangsau Pass
  • Kumjawng Pass
  • Diphu pass
  • Jelep La
  • Yonggyap Pass
  • Chaukan Pass
  • Bomdi-La

Passes in India (North-eastern states)


Yonggyap Pass

– Joins Tibet region and Arunachal Pradesh.

– Present at 3962 meters height on the border of Indo-China.

Chaukan Pass

This pass in India links Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh.


– The Bomdi-La pass links the capital of Tibet, Lhasa, with Arunachal Pradesh.

– Situated in Bhutan.

Kumjawng Pass

– Kumjawng Pass also lies on the Indo-Myanmar border at an altitude of 2929.

– Joins Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh.

Diphu pass

– Seen close to the site of the argued tripoint boundaries of Myanmar, China, and India.

– Present on the McMahon Line.

Jelep La

– This pass passes through the Chumbi valley.

– Connects Sikkim with Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

Nathu La

– This Pass in India is situated in the Himalayan Range in Sikkim, India, at 4,310 m.

– Passes through Nathu La (An important ancient Silk Route).

– The trading border between India and China.

Dihang pass

– Found in the Northeastern states (Arunachal Pradesh).

– This pass in India links Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh.

– It provides passage at more than 4000 meters in height.

Pangsau Pass

– Situated in Arunachal Pradesh.

– The pass in India joins Myanmar with Arunachal Pradesh.

– Found at 1,136 m, the pass is seen on the ridge of the Patkai Hills, India-Burma border.

Mountain Passes in Kashmir

The important passes in Kashmir are listed below. These include

  • Burzail pass: Srinagar- Kishan Ganga Valley
  • Zoji La: Srinagar- Kargil and Leh
  • Pir-Panjal Pass
  • Pensi La
  • Banihal Pass (Jawahar Tunnel): Banihal with Qazigund

Passes in India (Kashmir)


Pensi La

– The Pensi La connects the Kashmir valley with Kargil.

– Situated in the Greater Himalayas.

Banihal Pass (Jawahar Tunnel)

– Seen in Jammu and Kashmir.

– Connects Qazigund and Banihal.

– Discovered in the range of Pir- Panjal.

Burzail pass

– This pass in India connects the Deosai Plains (Ladakh) and Astore Valley (Kashmir).

Zoji La

– Links Kargil and Leh with Srinagar.

– The road is cleared and maintained by the Beacon Force of Border Road Organization.

Pir-Panjal Pass

– Conventional pass from Srinagar to Jammu.

– The pass in Inda got shut after the division.

– Provides a short and quick route to Kashmir valley.

Mountain Passes in Deccan Plateau

The important passes in the Deccan Plateau are listed below. These include

  • Malshej Ghat Pass
  • Asirgarh Pass (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Thal Ghat
  • Shencottah Gap: Madurai-Kottayam
  • Pal Ghat
  • Chorla Ghat Pass
  • Amba Ghat Pass
  • Kumbharli Ghat Pass
  • Tamhini Ghat
  • Naneghat Pass
  • Amboli Ghat Pass
  • Jabalpur Gap
  • Khandwa Gap
  • Burhanpur Gap
  • Bhor Ghat
  • Haldighati Pass
  • Goram Ghat

Passes in India (Central and Southern India)


Thal Ghat

– A slope or mountain incline in the Western Ghats (Maharashtra).

– Situated on the active route of Nashik-Mumbai.

Shencottah Gap

– Located in the Western Ghats.

– Joins Madurai city in Tamil Nadu with the Kottayam district in Kerala.

Pal Ghat

– Discovered between Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the Western Ghats.

– The mountain pass is discovered from Nilgiri Hills (north) to Anaimalai Hills (south).

Malshej Ghat Pass

– Famous for birds such as quails, rails, crakes, flamingos, and cuckoos.

– Location is the Sahyadri Range of Western Ghats (Lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats) in Maharashtra, India.

Asirgarh Pass

– Found in the Satpura Range (Madhya Pradesh) at roughly 260 m.

– Connects Tapti Valleys and Narmada.

Chorla Ghat Pass

– This region is prevalent for the less-known species of wolf snake.

– Location is the Sahyadri mountain range of Western Ghats in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa.

Amboli Ghat Pass

– This pass in India is for wildlife, the Hiranyakeshi temple, dense hilly forests, and several waterfalls.

– Connects Sawantwadi of Maharashtra to Belgaum of Karnataka.

Jabalpur Gap

Jabalpur is a level 2 city (Madhya Pradesh).

Khandwa Gap

Khandwa is a Nagar Nigam city in the Nimar area (Madhya Pradesh).

Burhanpur Gap

– Present in Madhya Pradesh.

– Satpura range and Tapti river behave as realistic boundaries for the district of Burhanpur.

– Gap between the Satpura range and the Tapti river is known as the Burhanpur gap.

Bhor Ghat

– Bhor Ghat is a mountain passage between Palasdari and Khandala.

– Located at an elevation of four hundred and forty-one meters above sea level.

Haldighati Pass

– This Pass in India is located in the Aravali Range in the state of Rajasthan.

– Location witnessed the ‘Battle of Haldighati’ under Emperor Akbar between the Mughals and Mewar king Maharana Pratap in 1576.

Goram Ghat

– Goram Ghat is seen in the Aravali Range (Rajasthan).

– Connects Mewar and Marwar in Rajasthan.

– The terrain is densely forested with Dhok forest and is rich in biodiversity.

Amba Ghat Pass

– Scenic mountain-scapes and pleasant weather.

– Location is Sahyadri Mountains of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra.

Kumbharli Ghat Pass

– Links Ratnagiri in the Konkan site (Maharashtra) and the Satara District in the Desh area.

– This pass in India is located in the Western Ghats.

Tamhini Ghat

– This region is popular for the spread of green Ghats, foggy streets, and running waterfalls.

– Connects the Tamhini (Pune) and talukas of Mulshi.

Naneghat Pass

– Part of an ancient trading route.

– Location is Sahyadri Range (Western Ghats) in Maharashtra, India.

– Connects Pune district to Junnar City.

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