Mayur Hazarika: Biography, Age, Marksheet Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Mayur Hazarika secured AIR 5 in UPSC 2022, becoming one of the top scorers in India’s most competitive exam. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) declared the list of toppers on 23 May 2023. Hailing from Assam, Mayur Hazarika is a doctor who, by securing AIR 5 in UPSC 2022, paved his way for becoming an IAS officer.

In this article, we have shared all the details about Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5, his background, preparation strategy, etc. All UPSC aspirants must go through the details shared here to get inspired by Mayur’s story of success.

Mayur Hazarika UPSC Topper AIR 5

Cracking UPSC in first Attempt is a dream of many but for Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5, this is a reality. A doctor by profession at 26, Mayur cracked the UPSC CSE by his sheer hard work and dedication. Besides Mayur Hazarika, other UPSC 2022 Toppers are Garima Lohia (AIR 2) and Uma Harathi N (AIR 3).

Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5: Overview
Candidate Name Mayur Hazarika
UPSC All India Rank AIR 5
No. of Attempts 1
UPSC Optional Subject Anthropology
Location Tezpur, Assam
Age 26
Profession Doctor

Mayur Hazarika Biography

Mayur Hazarika, a hardworking medical professional passed the UPSC CSE exams at 26 years of age. Every year, thousands of candidates appear for the UPSC exam but only a few manage to crack it. If you are also a UPSC aspirant, go through the biography of Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5 shared below to get inspired.

  • Mayur Hazarika is an ordinary resident of Tezpur in Assam.
  • He completed his schooling from Don Bosco School (Higher Secondary level), and Ramanujan Junior College (12th grade).
  • Mayur Hazarika obtained an MBBS degree from the Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati, Assam.
  • The following year, he started preparing for UPSC and cracked UPSC Prelims.
  • Inspired by the result, he quit his medical job to focus full-time on his studies for UPSC Mains.
  • In May 2023, Mayur Hazarika passed UPSC in his first attempt, with an All India Rank of 5.
  • Succeeding in civil service exams, Mayur wishes to join the Indian Foreign Services.

Mayur Hazarika Education Background

Mayur Hazarika UPSC Topper AIR 5 had always been a brilliant student. He performed excellently in the Higher Secondary (HS) and High School (HSCL) exams. Mayur Hazarika later went on to pursue a degree in medicine and completed his MBBS in 2020.

Get information about the educational background of Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5 from the table below.

Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5
Education Level School/College Name
Early Education Don Bosco School, Tezpur, Assam
Higher Education (12th Grade) Ramanujan Junior College, Nagaon, Assam
MBBS Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati, Assam

Success Story of Mayur Hazarika

The success story of Mayur Hazarika involves a smart study strategy and timely preparation of UPSC syllabus. Despite being a medical professional, Hazarika chased his aim of cracking UPSC and succeeded. Today, Mayur Hazarika is the UPSC 2022 AIR 5 topper and aims of joining the IFS.

  • His success story begins with his dream of cracking UPSC. Though he was not always serious about it, he attempted UPSC Prelims in 2021 and cracked the exam.
  • He only studied 4-5 hours a day after his job for UPSC Prelims.
  • Motivated after the result, Mayur Hazarika decided to quit his job as a doctor at Nagaon Government Hospital, Assam, to focus fully on UPSC.
  • Devoting at least 9-10 hours of the day to study for UPSC, Mayur Hazarika passed the exam with an All India Rank 5.
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Mayur Hazarika Struggles and Challenges

Competitive exams such as the UPSC are always challenging. Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5 also faced certain struggles while preparing for UPSC. Here are some of the challenges that he faced and how he overcame them.

Juggling Work and Studies

  • Mayur Hazarika was a practicing doctor when he was preparing for UPSC Prelims.
  • The stress and anxiety he must have endured while juggling the two is unimaginable.
  • However, focused on his goal, Mayur managed to study for 4-5 hours daily after his job.
  • After a lot of dedicated work, Mayur Hazarika cracked UPSC Prelims with a good score, which motivated him to work harder.


  • Stress is a part of every student’s life, no matter at what stage they are.
  • Mayur Hazarika shared that he too, dealt with stress about the UPSC exam.
  • Regardless, he maintained a positive approach and focused on finding a solution to the problem rather than getting overwhelmed.
  • Mayur Hazarika stuck to his preparation strategy, which yielded him AIR 5 in UPSC Mains.

Preparation Strategy of Mayur Hazarika

Mayur Hazarika shared his preparation strategy for UPSC with the press, claiming that he kept his strategy simple. Many UPSC aspirants think that no amount of time is sufficient to prepare for the exam. However, Mayur Hazarika, UPSC Topper AIR 5 believes that smart work is the key when preparing for competitive exams. His preparation strategy involved the following:

  • Self-Study: Mayur Hazarika did not take any coaching for UPSC and did self-study for all the subjects instead. He believes that by following a focused approach, cracking UPSC on your own is possible.
  • Online Video Lectures: One of the resources that Mayur Hazarika relied on while preparing for UPSC was free online video lectures. Videos can be a great source to understand and remember concepts. Audio-visual engagement through video lectures helps people retain information.
  • Smart Work: All people who have successfully cracked UPSC can say that studying for competitive exams requires smart work. Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5 also believes the same. He believes that aspiring candidates must know what to prioritize when preparing for the exam.

Mayur Hazarika Optional Subject in UPSC

Anthropology was the optional subject of Mayur Hazarika UPSC 2022 AIR 5. The study of Anthropology involves deeply examining the development of humans, their societies, and cultures. Coming from a medical background, Mayur Hazarika resonated with Anthropological ideas and chose it as his optional subject.

  • Anthropology is a completely theoretical subject that requires a deep understanding of human development through history.
  • Mayur Hazarika worked in the field of medicine, which requires engaging with humans on a personal level.
  • Prompted by his interest in humans, he selected Anthropology as his UPSC optional.

BYJU’S Topper Mayur Hazarika Success Path

Watch the Success Story of Mayur Hazarika who secured 5th Rank in the All India Level UPSC 2022 Exam.

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