Left Wing and Right Wing – Difference between Left Wing and Right Wing

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The difference between left wing and right wing ideologies can be based on many factors, including moral values, economics, and social issues. The left wing and right wing are two kinds of political extremities. As a general rule, left-wing ideology is considered more liberal, while right-wing ideologies are considered more conservative. The Left Wing and Right Wing were introduced during French Revolution, based on the seating pattern in the French Estates General in 1789. The members on the left favoured the French Revolution, while those sitting on the right supported the orthodox organizations.

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The left wing believed in more government regulation to prevent business abuses and that a hybrid economy is best for growth. In contrast, the right wing thought there should be slight government regulation on the corporation and that private business is the best practice to foster economic development. This article explains the major differences between Left Wing and Right Wing politics in India, along with their meanings and significance.

Difference between Left Wing and Right Wing

The difference between Left Wing and the Right Wing can be seen as a matter of degree rather than an absolute division. To summarize, the left wing is generally associated with progressivism, egalitarianism, and collectivism.

  • On the other hand, the original Right was an anti-egalitarian view centered on upholding traditional social hierarchies.
  • Later, it came to represent capitalists, business interests, and conservatives.
  • In terms of social issues, the left wing and right wing differed from each other.
  • The left wing tends to be more liberal on social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, while the right wing tends to be conservative on social issues and supports traditional values.
  • Leftist and rightist political ideologies are dissimilar as they depict contrasting sides of political statements.

Left Wing and Right Wing

Left Wing vs Right Wing
Left Wing Right Wing
During the French revolution, the left supported the revolution and a secular republic with strong central power; they believed in equality and opposition to aristocratic or royal authority. Right-wing supported a constitutional monarchy; they were mostly opposed to the revolution, strengthened aristocratic or royal authority, and believed in the hierarchy.
The original Left represented primarily an egalitarian view focused on opposition to aristocracy; later, it represented support for workers’ rights and social justice. All major ideologies of the right include support for a hierarchical society (based on ancestry, religion, or military might) that upholds (or seeks to restore) tradition or morality as its norm.
There is in the individualism-collectivism axis. The left believes that people are part of a group. The right believes that people are individuals and should be treated as such.
The left believes that government should have some control over some aspects of the economy, e.g., health care, education, etc. The right believes that economic freedom is paramount and leaves most things up to market forces.
Left-wing is more liberal. Right-wing is more conservative in its approach.
Populist ideas will depend more on egalitarian standards. Populism is a periodic theme in these political circles.

Populism is an approach that requests common people who believe that their rights are neglected.

Left wing politics is marked by a focus on fraternity, improvement, equality, and reform. Right wing politics is indicated by views of nationalism, control, order, and custom.

Left Wing and Right Wing

Though left and right in politics are bound to be multiple distinctions between either side, these two terms reduce a lot of topics into a simple “this is left-wing, this is right-wing”. It is a challenging question because one side can be more liberal while another can be more conservative.

  • The two wings differ based on healthcare, immigration, education, economic policies, and other factors like abortion, gay rights, voter ID laws, and core beliefs.
  • Leftist is marked by an emphasis on fraternity, improvement, equality, and reform, whereas views of nationalism, control, order, and custom indicate rightist in politics.

What is Left Wing?

Left wing politics describes revolutionary or liberal political parties and their supporters. It favors social equality or egalitarianism (people are equal and deserve equal rights).

  • It provides significance to rights, reforms, progress, and freedom.
  • They regarded the welfare of the people as the most fundamental aim of any Government.
  • Left wing politics members were expressed as anarchists, democratic socialists, social democrats, socialists, communists, social liberals, modernists, and left-libertarians.
  • They were known to have developed opinions on immigration, abortion, and homosexuality.
  • Left wing members favored societal equivalency, a welfare state, government interference in the economy, central planning, protectionism (restricting imports), and secularism.

What is Right Wing?

Right wing politics represented members of the reactionary or conservative political party. They were generally against comprehensive political reforms.

  • They thought social ranking and hierarchy were inescapable and supported this position based on custom, natural law, or economics.
  • They are described as neoconservatives, monarchists, traditionalists, imperialists, fascists, right-libertarians, and conservatives by political analysts.
  • They highlighted sovereignty, ritual, duty, nationalism, and order.
  • Right wing politics have conventional visions regarding homosexuality, immigration, and abortion.
  • They wanted limited intrusion of Government in any individual life or economy.
  • The right wing in India believes in ideas like people’s freedom, low taxation, nationalism, spiritual conservation, few economic rules, and private sector advancement, hence equality for all humanity.


Key Difference between Left Wing and Right Wing

The key difference between Left Wing and Right Wing started during the French Revolution; those who sat on the left in the French parliament opposed the monarchy and supported the revolution, including creating a republic and secularization. While those on the right supported the traditional institutions of the old regime.

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