JFET is considered as Voltage Controlled Device because ____

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

JFET is considered a voltage-controlled device because the drain current is controlled by the gate voltage and it has high resistance. The full form of JFET is a Junction-gate field-effect transistor. It is a semiconductor and one of the simplest types of field-effect transistors. They can be used as resistors, electronically-controlled switches, or build amplifiers. It is a device with three terminal semiconductors.

JFET as a Voltage Controlled Device

JFET refers to the voltage-controlled device which has a high input resistance. It doesn’t need a biasing current as the electric charge flows between the source and drain terminals. The current between the drain and the source can be controlled by gate-source voltage. It depends on the principle of a depletion region, hence sometimes it is also referred to as a depletion-mode device.

  • In 1945, Heinrich Welker got the first patent of the JFET.
  • It is doped to accommodate positive charges (holes) or negative charges (electrons).
  • In JFET, charge carriers carry the current.
  • It is a relatively simpler device.
  • There are two types of JFET and these are, p-channel JFET and n-channel JFET.
  • When both source-gate and drain-source potentials are zero, the JFET is in cut-off mode and hence does not conduct current.


JFET is considered as a Voltage Controlled Device because ____

The drain current is controlled by gate voltage in a Junction-gate field-effect transistor or JFET which is why itis considered a voltage-controlled device. This means that a device’s output characteristics are impacted by the input voltage received by it. JFET is a semiconductor device that has three terminals source, drain, and gate. The current is conducted by only one type of carrier. JFET and Bipolar transistors are similar in appearance.

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