How does Bamboo Drip Irrigation Work?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Bamboo drip irrigation works by using bamboo pipelines to transport perennial springs from hilltops to lower areas via gravity. The bamboo channel sections distribute water among the plant branches, and water flow into the pipes can be controlled by adjusting the pipe positions. Perennial springs on the hilltops are gravity-fed to the lower regions via bamboo pipelines.

Bamboo Drip Irrigation System Working

The Bamboo channel parts direct water to the plant, where it is distributed among the branches. Water flowing into the pipes can be managed by adjusting the pipe placements. The final stage of water application involves using reduced channel sections and diversion devices. Water can be dispensed close to the plant’s roots thanks to the last channel segment.

The area has a mountainous topography with steep slopes and rock boulders. These hills have shallow soil with a low capacity to retain water.

  • Even though the area receives enough rain during the monsoon season, irrigation is still necessary throughout the dry season.
  • Because of the topography, it is challenging to carry water to plants from distant water sources, and underground canals cannot be used to redirect water.
  • Due to the challenging terrain and the need for water, the tribal farmers created this distinctive Bamboo Drip Irrigation system.
  • The system can be constructed for a very low cost as the area has easy access to bamboo.
  • With a little help from one or two workers, the farmer often installs the system on his plantation by himself.
  • Each installation lasts roughly 2-3 years because of the region’s frequent heavy rain.
  • The undergrowth is removed, and reinforcements are given after the rainy season.
  • When old bamboo is left to decompose, the humus eventually returns to the soil.


How does Bamboo Drip Irrigation Work?

Bamboo drip irrigation works by employing bamboo pipelines to carry perennial springs from hilltops to lower areas via gravity. Water is transported between plant branches by the bamboo channel sections, and water flow into the pipes can be changed by moving the pipes around.

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