Give Two Reasons to Justify: (A) Water at Room Temperature is a Liquid (B) An Iron Almirah is a Solid at Room Temperature

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Water at room temperature is a liquid, and Iron Almirah is a solid at room temperature: The boiling point of water is higher than its melting point, which is below room temperature. This is the reason that water is a liquid at room temperature. In contrast, the melting and boiling point of iron is above room temperature. It also has the properties and characteristics of a solid that give it a definite shape as well as volume.

Why Water is Liquid and Iron Almirah is Solid at Room Temperature

Water at room temperature does not have a set shape; Instead, it overflows to take the shape of the container. As a result, water is a liquid at ambient temperature. The melting point and boiling point of iron are higher than that of water, the iron cupboard being solid at room temperature. Iron shelves are rigid, and their shape is also determined. The density of metals is very high. Therefore an iron cupboard is solid at room temperature.

  • Water can exist at 273K in both solid and liquid states, although in liquid form, it will absorb latent heat from the cold and turn into a solid state.
  • Conversely, solid ice can be used for chilling immediately as it will not do so.
  • Rust is a brown layer that forms on the surface of iron after prolonged exposure to the elements.
  • When iron is exposed to oxygen in the air, water, or water vapor, rusting occurs. Iron oxide is rust.
  • Iron oxide is made by mixing oxygen, water vapor, and iron.

Give two Reasons to Justify Water at Room Temperature is a Liquid

The following are the reasons to justify this statement:

  • At room temperature, water has a constant volume but no shape, taking the form of the container in which it is kept.
  • Water flows easily at normal temperatures.

An Iron Almirah is a Solid at Room Temperature

The following arguments support this assertion:

  • Its shape is distinctive and rigid.
  • A solid with a certain volume at room temperature.

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