Gahana Navya James: Biography, Age, Marksheet Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) recently announced the results of the Civil Service Examination 2022, marking a significant milestone for numerous aspiring candidates. Among the exceptional performers, Gahana Navya James, a talented individual from Kerala, secured an impressive sixth position. Let’s delve into the journey and accomplishments of Gahana Navya James in the UPSC exam.

The UPSC 2022 results revealed the names of the top achievers, including Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N, Smirti Mishra, and Mayur Hazarika, topping among the male candidates. Notably, the sixth position was secured by Gahana Navya James, a young woman from Kerala who showcased exceptional competence and determination throughout the examination.

Gahana Navya James UPSC Topper AIR 6

Gahana Navya James, who finished the exam in sixth place, was highlighted by the exceptional accomplishments revealed by the UPSC 2022 results. Gahana, a native of Kerala, has succeeded as a result of her perseverance, educational background, and background.

Gahana Navya James journey and successes are proof that anyone can achieve great heights in their chosen industries with tenacity and forethoughtful planning. It’s safe to say that Gahana’s accomplishment will serve as an example for many aspiring government servants in the future, encouraging them to strive for perfection.

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Gahana Navya James Biography

Gahana Navya James, a native of Pala in the Keralan region of Kottayam, has distinguished herself as one of the top candidates for the UPSC CSE 2022. Her educational background reveals a solid base for her accomplishment. Gahana attended St. Thomas College in Pala to pursue her graduate degree in political science. At Alphonsa College, which is situated in Pala, she earned her BA in history.

Gahana’s journey towards achieving this remarkable feat in the UPSC examination is undoubtedly an inspiration for many. Her passion for learning, dedication to her studies, and an unwavering commitment to her goal have been instrumental in her success. Throughout her academic years, Gahana demonstrated a thirst for knowledge, excelling in her chosen field of Political Science.

Gahana Navya James Education Background

Gahana’s success is proof of the value of self-study and intelligence. She has a solid academic background and has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to her studies. With her pursuit of a Master’s degree in Political Science, Gahana Navya James started her path to success. She not only achieved academic success in her area of study but also achieved the top rank, demonstrating her outstanding talent and commitment.

Gahana completed her undergraduate studies in history at Alphonsa College in Pala, where she established a strong basis for her further academic pursuits. While many aspirants choose coaching centres to help them navigate the challenging UPSC syllabus, Gahana took a different route that required tremendous self-discipline, motivation, and the capacity to set her own trajectory.

Success Story of Gahana Navya James

Gahana’s determination, thorough planning, and attention are responsible for her success. She received advice from mentors and professionals, prioritized her education, and followed a strict schedule. Her preparation plan included frequent practice with mock exams, working through question papers from prior years, and keeping up with current events.

The accomplishments of Gahana Navya James serve as an example for aspiring applicants studying for the UPSC exam. Her accomplishments support the idea that anyone can overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals if they put up the effort, have a solid educational background, and are dedicated to doing so. Gahana’s amazing performance exemplifies the brilliance and potential of the nation’s young people.

Gahana Navya James Struggles and Challenges

Gahana faced her share of difficulties on the route of self-study she ultimately chose. It required a great deal of self-motivation, a well-organized study schedule, and the capacity to maintain attention in the face of distractions. Gahana’s achievement was greatly influenced by her constant resolve and the discipline she developed, which enabled her to realize her full potential and demonstrate her skills.

Gahana’s outstanding achievement in the UPSC exam without any professional coaching acts as a source of hope and inspiration for a great number of candidates all around the nation. Her success illustrates how important it is to have self-confidence, resourcefulness, and a desire to learn.

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Preparation Strategy of Gahana Navya James

To crack the UPSC exam, one must possess a deep mastery of every subject. Gahana’s preparations were reasonable due to her zeal for learning and solid academic background in Political Science and History. Undoubtedly, her persistent efforts, perseverance, and strategic approach contributed to her amazing achievement.

Gahana’s self-study journey is evidence of her persistence, concentration, and unwavering self-confidence. She was aware of the importance of staying up to date on current affairs and effectively utilized the vast amount of information available on the internet and in newspapers.

Gahana Navya James Optional Subject in UPSC

Gahana opted for Political Science and International Relations as an option. Gahana chose to study political science and international relations because she wanted to understand the complexities of how politics and world affairs interact.

Gahana Navya James is a UPSC Topper. She was especially intrigued by the field’s applicability in addressing fresh issues like space security because she recognised the crucial role that international relations play in determining the course of nations and cultures.

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