The Filament of a Bulb is made up of?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The filament of an electric bulb is made up of tungsten. Tungsten is used for making the filament of a bulb. The filament of a bulb is made up of tungsten because its melting point is very high at 3,410 °C (6,152 °F). Rare metal tungsten is only naturally present on Earth, and it is almost always found in combinations with other elements.

Filament of a Bulb

With an atomic number of 74, Tungsten is an element in the current periodic table. The letter “W” stands for it. The largest tungsten reserve is in China. It was first isolated as a metal in 1783 after being discovered as a new element in 1781. Scheelite and wolframite, which give the element its alternate name, are two of its significant ores.

  • Its presence in the crust of the earth is thought to be about 1.5 grams per tonne of rock. It is not found naturally as a free metal.
  • It is a steel-grey metal with high tensile strength, the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any pure metal, and other properties.
  • It is also brittle because it is malleable by nature, and pure tungsten is simple to work with.
  • Tungsten does not react with air or oxygen at room temperature and with water. It is mainly obtained from the minerals scheelite and wolframite.
  • It is frequently used in the production of cutting tools from heavy metal alloys like high-speed steel.
  • Additionally, it is used to create coatings that are wear-resistant in so-called “superalloys.”


The Filament of a Bulb is made up of?

An electric bulb filament is made up of Tungsten. It has various industrial applications such as the production of hard materials based on tungsten carbide, making rings of sintered tungsten carbide, etc. It is also majorly used in the creation of cutting tools.

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