Distinguish Between Coming Together Federations and Holding Together Federations with Example

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The difference between Coming Together and Holding Together Federations is that in the Coming Together Federation, there is no sharing of power or retention of nationality; while in Holding Together Federation, states unite their resources and sovereign rights to create a stronger country. In Coming Together Federation, the Central/Union Government and the constituent state governments have almost equal authority. In Holding Together Federation, the central/union government has more powers than the governments of the member states.

Difference Between Coming and Holding Together Federations

The key differences between Coming Together and Holding Together Federation are given in the table below.

Holding Together Federations Coming Together Federations
In this kind of federation, a sizable force or nation consents to divide its authority between the member states and the national government. Various sovereign states connect to form a larger government under this federation.
The federal government in this federation is more potent than the individual states. The individual states in this federation are the only ones with authority. As a result, the country becomes more stable.
Examples: India, Spain, Belgium Examples: USA, Australia, Switzerland

Coming Together Federations vs Holding Together Federations

The joining together of smaller states to form larger nations is called the Coming Together Federation.

  • The United States, Switzerland, Australia, and other countries have such federations while Holding Together Federations are federations where a larger nation attempts to hold together its member states.
  • There are alliances in many countries like India, Spain, Belgium, etc.
  • The difference between put-together unions and coming-together unions is explained here.

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