Moderates and Extremists – Difference Between Moderates and Extremists

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Difference between Moderates and Extremists: A notable difference between moderates and extremists is their perspectives and ideological thinking. Moderates and extremists determine two varied ideological perspectives. The moderates view the world objectively; the extremists have the basis of their own views and perspectives. Another significant difference between moderates and extremists is the moderators were believers and in favour of liberalism, while the extremists were firmly against British rule.

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The moderates consider varied perspectives and views; on the other hand, the extremists believe in their own ideology and perspective. This post discusses the meaning of both Moderates and Extremists in more detail and examines the main difference between Moderates and Extremists.

Difference Between Moderates and Extremists

The main difference between extremists and moderates is their ideology and their approach to life. While moderates possess an approach to considering others’ feelings and opinions, extremists possess a rigid mindset and consider their opinions the best.

  • Moderates believed that Britishers would eventually understand the Indian citizens and take action for their benefit and to improve their way of life.
  • While Extremists were totally against this thought and believed that the British were not interested in the lives of Indian citizens.

Check the other difference between moderates and extremists, as illustrated in the table.

Moderates vs Extremists

Moderates and Extremists



Moderates are highly galvanized by the liberal ideology and the history of Europe.

Extremists look for inspiration in Indian culture, history, and heritage.

Moderates view the situations objectively before framing their perspectives in accordance with their comprehension of the incident.

Extremists view situations through the lens of their ideology and do not take into account the opinion of others.

Moderates desired alterations and amendments in the Constitution to surge the participation of the Indians in the Governing acts.

Extremists desired Swaraj and complete independence from British Raj.

Moderates are more considerate in paying attention to the perspectives of others and listening to all arguments.

Extremists never compromise on their opinions and beliefs.

Moderates restricted their struggle and led it in accordance with constitutional methods.

Extremists also put into use methods beyond the constitution during their struggle.

The moderates believed that the political connections with Britain were in the interest of India, and they had no issues accepting nominal rules imposed by the Britishers.

The extremists held the view of completely opposing the British Raj and Britishers and held the beliefs of self-reliance as an essential instrument against the domination of the Britishers.

Moderates refer to the method of resistance passively, which includes prayer, philanthropy, petition, and persuasion.

They picked militant methods, which also included assassination.

Moderates and Extremists

Moderates were the Early Nationalists. These were a group of political leaders in India involved and active between 1885-1907. At the commencement of the 20th century, a group with a relatively assertive policy against the British Empire appeared. Know further details and roles of Extremists and Moderates leaders in India.

Who are Moderates?

Moderates are individuals possessing different ideologies and perspectives; they have an objective view and consider numerous views, opinions, and viewpoints. Other important points of the moderates include the following.

  • Moderates take time to decide and comprehend how things impact and influence other people.
  • They can impact others’ decisions and assist them in comprehending issues from a different ideology.
  • Moderates can bring forth decisions that benefit everyone rather than a single individual.

Who are Extremists?

Extremists refer to a single type of people with a similar way of thinking; they usually do whatever it takes to achieve their motives, even if it is fingering to crossing the limits and demarcations and harming someone. The other highlights of the extremists have been highlighted below.

  • They can plunge risks without considering their deeds’ impact and aftermath.
  • They possess a rigid mindset regardless of others’ opinions.
  • Their decisions are the result of their sole perspectives and opinions.
  • The Bengal partition led to the realization of the corrupt motives of the Britishers and their true colors.


Key Difference Between Moderates and Extremists

To sum up, the key difference between Moderates and Extremists is that moderates are individuals taking into consideration numerous ideologies and utilizing them as an instrument to lead a moderate comprehension of the situation.

Extremists, on the other hand, do not pay attention to the effects and impact of their steps before the aftermath, which might lead them to harm themselves or others in the process.

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