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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The difference between Economy and Economics is that Economy is described as a public domain that focuses on the implication of practices. In contrast, Economics emphasizes the measures and interaction of economic agencies. The Economy is a practical application of Economics, whereas, Economics is a hypothesis and principle. The Economy is a social discipline highlighting the significance of diverse approaches in controlling various resources.

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Economics is a social science subject. Capitalist Economy, Socialist Economy, and Mixed Economy are the three types of economies, and Micro Economics and Macro Economics are two classifications of Economics. This article explains the significant difference between Economy and Economics along with their definitions and types.

Difference Between Economy and Economics

A noteworthy difference between Economy and Economics is that Economy refers to a geographical site or nation’s financial condition, quality, and actions. In comparison, economics is a matter involved with efficiently utilizing available resources.

Economy vs Economics

Difference Between Economy and Economics
Economy Economics
An economy is a zone of the production, consumption, dispersal, and business of goods and services by diverse economic agencies. Economics focuses on the activities and interplays of economic dealers.
It is divided into:

Market-based economy

Command based-economy

Green economy

It is divided into:



Practical Application of Economics Theory and Principle
It determines how assets are allotted to different members of society. It determines how human beings make decisions when resources are scarce.

Economy and Economics

An economy denotes an area, a particular region or a country regarding production, distribution, consumption, and trading of goods and services along with supplying capital.

  • On the other hand, Economics is a branch that studies the Economy, including its form, situation, functioning, performance, problems, resolution, and so on.
  • It analyses various kinds of economic systems, economic judgments and their undertaking by different economic departments.

After understanding a brief difference between Economy and Economics, it is crucial to comprehend Economy and Economics meanings and types.

What is Economy?

The Economy is the total engagement of producing, distributing, purchasing, consuming, exchanging goods and services and providing jobs in a country. Some of the major issues of a country’s Economy solved by Economics are:

  • How to do production?
  • What should be produced?
  • How much production?
  • When to do production?
  • For whom should it be produced?
  • What provisions will be made by the pertinent authority for economic growth?

There are three types of economies found worldwide: Capitalist Economy, Socialist Economy, and Mixed Economy.

  • Capitalist Economy: A free-market economy governed by private individuals for their own profit.
  • Socialist Economy: Production factors are jointly held and managed by the community, marked by the State, and the central planning authority decides the disbursement of resources.
  • Mixed Economy: A mixture of a capitalist and socialist Economy. The allocation of resources is determined by both Government and the markets, which marks the co-existence of the private and public sectors.

What is Economics?

Economics is a systematized body of facts which studies the behaviour and actions of a person, corporation or country related to enhancing the satisfaction of desires or increasing the welfare and economic or financial growth.

  • Economics considers how individuals, families, businesses, or Governments make choices regarding the allocation of finite resources to fulfil their necessities and acquire the greatest fulfilment.
  • The main aim of Economics is to solve the fundamental problem of scarcity of resources during a time when humans have unlimited wants by utilizing alternative resources.
  • The word Economic appeared for the first time in the late 19th century.

There are two constituents of economics are as follows:

  • Micro Economics: It studies small portions of the Economy, like the behaviour and activities of individuals or a complete enterprise.
  • Macro Economics: It studies the entire Economy, including the broad problems, such as unemployment, poverty, economic growth, inflation, living standards, etc.


Key Difference Between Economy and Economics

The key Difference Between Economy and Economics is that Economy indicates the financial State, status and actions of a geographical location or country. In contrast, Economics is a topic that involves the optimization of available resources efficiently.

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