Briefly Explain the Greek War of Independence

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Greek War of Independence happened to separate Greece from the Ottoman Empire. Greece was acknowledged as a sovereign nation in the Treaty of Constantinople in 1832. Greeks successfully fought in the Greek War of Independence (1821–1829), also known as the Greek Revolution, to free their country from Ottoman rule.

Greek War of Independence

Greeks fought for independence in 1821 as a result of the European struggle for revolutionary nationalism. Greek exiles and a large number of West Europeans who supported ancient Greek culture supported Greek nationalists.

  • The French Kingdom, Great Britain, and the Russian Empire were among the West European countries that backed the Greeks.
  • Poets and artists encouraged the populace to support Greece’s war of independence from Muslim rule by praising it as the birthplace of European civilization.
  • The Treaty of Constantinople was a product of the Constantinople Conference.
  • On the opposing side of the Constantinople Conference, France, Britain, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire were present.

Greek Revolution

In the years leading up to and following the fall of Constantinople in the 15th century, Ottoman authority throughout Greece, to the exclusion of the Ionian Islands, began. There were periodic but failed Greek upheavals against Ottoman control over the ensuing centuries.

  • Between 1821 and 1829, during the Greek War of Independence, also known as the Greek Revolution of 1821 or the Greek Revolution, Greek revolutionaries defeated the Ottoman Empire.
  • Later, while their North African vassals, particularly the eyalet of Egypt, supported the Ottomans, the British Empire, the Russian Empire, and the Monarch of France aided the Greeks.
  • The war gave rise to Greece as we know it today. Greeks everywhere celebrate March 25 as Greek Independence Day to remember the uprising.

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