Art and Culture – Difference Between Art and Culture

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The difference between Art and Culture is that the creative expression and imagination used to define the above-enumerated experiences can be broadly known as art. On the other hand, culture is the core concept of anthropology that seeks to categorize and study a variety of human behaviours that cannot be attributed to genetic inheritance.

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Art and Culture differ from one another as Art is an age-old concept that may date back to evolution. In contrast, culture is a newer concept developed by philosophers and anthropologists in the 20th century. However, loose references to the same have been found in the Roman philosopher Cicero’s works. Let us understand the important difference between art and culture in detail.

Difference between Art and Culture

Although art and culture are used together often and sometimes even work simultaneously to understand human behaviour and the socio-cultural identity of a particular class or area, these terms have separate meanings and identities. The table illustrates art and culture meaning and the primary difference between Art and Culture.

Art and Culture

Difference between Art and Culture

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It deals with a divergent orbit of human activities in creating auditory, visual, and performing arts while expressing the artist’s imaginary prowess and technical skills.

It is a broad concept encompassing human society’s behavioural sciences and norms alongside individuals’ beliefs, laws, capabilities, habits, and customs in a particular group.


Art can be mastered by self-learning, co-learning, or emulating one’s peers.

Culture cannot be learned but acquired through specific educational socialisation and enculturation processes showcased by the diversity of cultures in societies.


Art is a form of expression. Art can also be designated as a form to express and appreciate the beauty that may reside both in mankind and in nature.

Culture is an invisible guideline or code of conduct for a particular group of people pertaining to their dress, demeanour, language and behaviour in a given situation.


Various mediums – such as painting, weaving, sculpting, etc., can be used to express art.

Culture is expressed through festivals, language, clothes, behaviour, etc., of a particular group.


Art has found its way throughout the history of mankind.

The modern coinage of “culture” is a post-modern anthropological phenomenon.

What is Art and Culture?

These are the basic Difference Between Art and Culture. One of the simplest ways to define and distinguish between art and culture is by providing examples. So, while ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh and ‘The Kiss’ by Klimt can be termed as examples of art, Rabindra Sangeet, Kashmiri Wazwaan, and operas – that denote the intricacies and the likes and dislikes of a particular group of people – can be symbolic of cultures.

What is Art?

Since time immemorial, human beings have faced a dire necessity to express their emotions, experiences, and other eccentricities of life through mediums other than words. Art and its generation’s idea can have greater motivation or require no purpose.

  • Art can be classified into various categories: media, form, genre, and style.
  • The art is independent of the significance and how they are being interpreted.
  • It can be shown with inborn abilities or hardworking mastery.

What is Culture?

The term “culture” can be traced back to the times of the Ancient Roman orator Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC) in his Tusculanae Disputationes, where he used the word “cultura animi” while talking about the cultivation of the soul.

  • There can be various types of culture, such as social organization, language, customs, government, economy, religion, and arts.
  • Culture can also serve as a medium of societal expectations.
  • Culture is different from Art in that it can not be learned as Art could be.
  • The culture is adopted or accepted.


Key Difference between Art and Culture

The key difference between Art and Culture is that Art is imaginative, ritualistic, symbolic, and comprises paintings, whereas Culture is transformative and influences human behaviour through music.

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