In Which Year did the Indian Men’s Hockey Team Win its First Olympic Gold Medal?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

In 1928, the Indian Men’s Hockey team won its first Olympic gold medal. The game was held in Amsterdam. Indian Men’s Hockey team won six consecutive Olympic gold medals in the following sequence: Amsterdam (1928), Los Angeles (1932), Berlin (1936), London (1948), Helsinki (1952), and Melbourne (1956).

Indian Men’s Hockey First Olympic Gold Medal

Hockey comes in a variety of forms. The word “hockey” is frequently followed by another word, such as “field hockey,” “ice hockey,” “roller hockey,” “rink hockey,” or “floor hockey,” to help distinguish between these different games.

The Indian Men’s Hockey team was a 16-member squad featuring nine Anglo-Indians and seven Indians, including Dhyan Chand. Jaipal Singh was the designated captain of the team. There were a total of nine teams participating in the 1928 Olympics hockey event.

The important details related to the Indian Men’s Hockey Match 1928 are given below:

  • Dhyan Chand scored four goals in India’s 6-0 victory over Austria in the team’s inaugural match.
  • Feroze Khan led India in scoring in the match against Belgium with five goals, and India won 9-0.
  • India trounced Denmark 5-0, with hat-tricks from Dhyan Chand.
  • India triumphed 6-0 in the following game, as Dhyan Chand once more worked his magic by tallying a hat-trick.


In Which Year did the Indian Men’s Hockey Team win its First Olympic Gold Medal?

The Indian Men’s Hockey team won their first gold medal at the Olympics in 1928. The match took place in Amsterdam. In the coming years, the Indian men’s hockey team won six straight Olympic gold medals in Los Angeles (1932), Amsterdam (1928), London (1948), Berlin (1936), Melbourne (1954), and Helsinki (1952). The star player of this team was Dhyan Chand, who ended up scoring many goals and helped India win numerous matches and medals.

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