UGC NET Psychology Syllabus 2022, Check Unit-wise Syllabus Here!

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : December 8th, 2021

All the aspirants preparing for UGC NET 2022 Psychology Exam need to go through the UGC NET Paper 2 Psychology Syllabus given by UGC itself. There are 10 units in total, each containing multiple subunits. 

The UGC NET exam is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for assistant professors and junior research fellowships. Candidates can download the UGC NET Psychology Syllabus 2022 Pdf from the link given below. 

UGC NET Paper 2 Psychology Syllabus 2022 - Topics Wise Details

The UGC NET Test will consist of two papers. Paper 1 has 50 questions with each question comprising of 2 marks. Psychology Paper 2 will have 100 questions of 2 marks each. The direct link to the UGC NET Psychology syllabus pdf is linked below. Go through the UGC NET Exam Pattern 2022

Note: The duration of the examination will be 3 hours only. There will be no break. It will be a CBT mode examination and the candidate can choose any paper to attempt first. 

The NTA UGC NET Psychology syllabus 2022 consists of the following topics:

  1. Emergence of Psychology
  2. Research Methodology and Statistics
  3. Psychological testing
  4. Biological basis of behavior
  5. Attention, Perception, Learning, Memory, and Forgetting
  6. Thinking, Intelligence, and Creativity
  7. Personality, Motivation, emotion, stress and coping
  8. Social Psychology
  9. Human Development and Interventions
  10. Emerging Areas

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Download UGC NET Psychology Syllabus PDF 2022,

All the candidates appearing for UGC NET should start their preparation without any further ado. To prepare for the exam, candidates need to have a thorough knowledge of the UGC NET Psychology Syllabus 2022. After analyzing the UGC NET Syllabus, candidates should go ahead to know the UGC NET Exam Pattern. Here you can download the UGC NET Psychology Syllabus Pdf from the link given below. 

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus 2022, Download Pdf

You can also download UGC NET Psychology Syllabus in Hindi from the direct link mentioned. Download UGC NET Psychology Syllabus 2022 in Hindi

Detailed UGC NET Psychology Syllabus and Strategy

Here are sharing detailed syllabus for Psychology and the effective strategy to clear the exam. 

Unit 1: Emergence of Psychology

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 1
Psychological thought in some major Eastern SystemsAcademic psychology in India
Western: Greek heritage, medieval period and modern periodEssential aspects of knowledge paradigms
Significant Indian paradigms on psychological knowledge 

Unit 2: Research Methodology and Statistics

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 2
Research: Meaning, Purpose, and DimensionsEthics in conducting and reporting research
Paradigms of researchMethods of research
Statistics in PsychologyCorrelational Analysis
RegressionExperimental Designs

Unit 3:  Psychological testing

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 3
Types of testsTest construction
Test standardizationAreas of testing
Attitude scalesApplications of psychological testing in various settings

Unit 4: Biological basis of behavior

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 4 
Sensory systemsNeurons
The Central and Peripheral Nervous SystemsMethods of Physiological Psychology
Muscular and Glandular systemBiological basis of Motivation
Biological basis of emotionGenetics and behavior

Unit 5: Attention, Perception, Learning, Memory and Forgetting

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 5 
AttentionPerception, Approaches to the Study of Perception, Perceptual Organization
Signal detection theoryLearning Process, Fundamental theories, Classical Conditioning
Instrumental learningCognitive approaches in learning
Recent trends in learningMemory and Forgetting

Unit 6: Thinking, Intelligence and Creativity

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 6
Theoretical perspectives on thought processesConcept formation
Problem solvingDecision-making

Unit 7: Personality, Motivation, emotion, stress and coping

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 7 
Determinants of personalityOther theories
Basic motivational conceptsApproaches to the study of motivation
Exploratory behavior and curiosityEmotions
Theories of emotionsConflicts: Sources and types
Stress and Coping 

Unit 8: Social Psychology

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 8
Nature, scope and history of social psychologyTraditional theoretical perspectives
Social perception [Communication, Attributions]Group and Social influence
Applied social psychology 

Unit 9: Human Development and Interventions

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 9
Developmental processesTheories of development
Various aspects of developmentPsychopathology
PsychotherapiesApplications of theories of motivation and learning in School
Factors in educational achievementTeacher effectiveness
Guidance in schoolsCounselling

Unit 10: Emerging Areas

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus - Unit 10
Issues of Gender, Poverty, Disability, and MigrationPeace psychology
Wellbeing and self-growthHealth
Psychology and technology interface 

Best Books for UGC NET Psychology Syllabus 2022

To complete the UGC NET Psychology Syllabus, candidates can refer to the books mentioned below. Also, go through the best UGC NET Books 2022 for the remaining sections.

Sr. No.Best Books
1.Trueman's UGC NET Psychology by Dr Swati Maharshi 
2.UGC Net Psychology 2018 by Siddharth Mittal
3.Naroj Kumar Sahu (Arihant Experts)

 Download UGC NET Question paper pdf to practice and have a good understanding of the questions asked. 

How to Score more in UGC NET Psychology?

  • Do smart work instead of hard work.
  • Read each concept carefully. Do not feel stressed while preparing for the exam.
  • Try to tackle your weaknesses. Practice individual questions from the previous year's (2004-2021) Paper. (You can find Mocks for UGC NET)
  • Download UGC NET Question Papers for regular practice and preparation
  • Do not prioritize a single topic. All units should be given the same priority.
  • Revise all topics from daily topics
  • Keep evaluating your progress.
  • Study well and take care of your health. 

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