The Theory of Everything: National Highways (Part-III)

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National Highways

National Highways are the lifeline of national economy. Today, the world has been converted into a large village with the help of efficient and fast moving transport. Transport has been able to achieve this with the help of equally developed communication system. Therefore, transport, communication and trade are complementary to each other.

Today, India is well-linked with the rest of the world despite its vast size, diversity and linguistic and socio-cultural plurality. National Highways link extreme parts of the country. These are the primary road systems and are laid and maintained by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD). Highways are metalled roads connecting distant places. They are constructed in a manner for unobstructed vehicular movement. As such these are 80 m wide, with separate traffic lanes, bridges, flyovers and dual carriageways to facilitate uninterrupted traffic flow.

Plans of Indian Government

The Indian Government has set new plans to upgrade the national highways in a phased manner as follows:

  • 4-laning of 10,000 km (6,200 mi) (NHDP Phase- III) including 4,000 km (2,500 mi) that has been already approved. An accelerated road development programme for the North Eastern region.
  • 2-laning with paved shoulders of 20,000 km (12,000 mi) of National Highways under NHDP Phase-IV.
  • 6-laning of GQ and some other selected stretches covering 6,500 km (4,000 mi) under NHDP Phase-V.
  • Development of 1,000 km (620 mi) of express ways under NHDP Phase-VI.
  • Development of ring roads, bypasses, grade separators, service roads, etc. under NHDP Phase-VII.

South Zone


1. NH 13 – This highway runs from Solapur in Maharshtra to Mangalore.

NH 13

2. NH 17 – This highway runs from Panvel in Maharshtra to Kochi in Kanyakumari

NH 17

3. NH 18 – This highway runs from the Govindpur, Dhanbad and end at Baleshwar, Odisha.

  • It passes through Dhanbad city, Mahuda, Chas, Purulia, Balrampur, Jamshedpur & Baleshwar.
  • Dhanbad is famous for Coal mining & has some largest mines in India due to which it is called the coal capital of India. NH 18 connects Dhanbad which helps in coal transportation & reduces the cost, saves time, increases the profitability.

Nh 18

4. NH 45 – This highway runs from Chennai to Dindigul in Tamil Nadu.


5. NH 46 – This highway runs entirely in Tamil Nadu from Ranipettati to Krishnagiri.

  • Krishnagiri is known for Mangoes. NH 46 helps the city to transport mangoes to different cities & earn an income for living.


6. NH 47 – This highway runs from Salem in Tamil Nadu to Kannyakumari.

  • The region around Salem is rich in mineral ores & also famous for its coffee. NH 47 is the highway connects the city which helps the people to trade Mineral ores & Coffee to other cities.


7. NH 48 – This highway runs from Mangalore to Nelamangala in Karnataka.


8. NH 63 – This highway is previously known as NH 16 & runs from Ankola in Karnataka & ends at Gooty in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Ankola is famous for its native breed of Mango called Ishaad as wells as its bountiful cashews & its transportation is helped by NH63.


9. NH66Previously known as NH17. This highway runs from Krishnagiri to Pondicherry.

  • NH 66 helps Krishnagiri to trade mangoes in south. New Mangalore Port is a the deep-water, all-weather port & is the only port of Karnataka, the national highway NH-66 (earlier NH-17) passes adjoining the port.

10. NH 67Previously known as NH63.

  • This highway starts its junction of NH 48 near Hubli of Karnataka and ends at Krishnapatnam Port road in Andhra Pradesh.


11. NH 68 – This highway runs from Salem to Ulundurpettal in Tamil Nadu.

12. NH 202 – This highway links Mokokchung in Nagaland to Imphal in Manipur.


13. NH 205 – This highway runs from Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh to Chennai.

  • Anantpur is world famous for pure handmade silk sarees & also a major hub of Silk trade. NH 205 links the city to chennai which help them in trading in a convenient manner & reduces the cost of transport.


14. NH 206 – This highway runs from entirely in Karnataka from Honavar & ends at Tumkur.

  • Honavar is a port town in karnataka, where NH 206 passes through the city.


15. NH 208 – This highway runs from Kollam in Kerala to Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

  • Kollam is famous for Cashew processing & Coir manufacturing. NH 208 passes through the city.


16. NH 209 – This highway runs from Bangalore to Dindigul in Tamil Nadu.


17. NH 210 – This highway runs entirely in Tamil Nadu from Tiruchchirapalli to Devipattinam



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