The Objective of the Environmental Education is

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : July 22nd, 2022

The Objective of the Environmental Education is

1. To teach environmentally appropriate behaviour.

2. Raise consciousness about environmental education.

3. Create an environmental ethic that fosters awareness about the ecological interdependence of the economic, political, and social.

4. All the above.

Answer: The correct answer is ‘All the above’.

Environmental education is related to the human’s interaction with the environment and his ability to understand this interaction. It enables to understand the natural environment, its criticality, its limitation, and the essential ways to prevent it from harm.

Humans are exploiting nature on a large scale at the cost of the environment. The major problems related to the environment are the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, mining, etc. Hence there is a need for environmental education to spread awareness on the ways to protect the environment.

Objectives of the Environmental Education

Following are the objectives of environmental education:

  • To spread awareness of the reasons behind environmental degradation and suggest methods to reduce the activities that are harming the environment.

  • To develop the attitude to take the steps for environmental protection. There should be a sense of responsibility among the population to protect the environment.

  • The proper knowledge of the activities that harm the environment will help in finding their alternatives like electric vehicles are the replacement of vehicles that run on fuel, solar panels can be used to generate electricity instead of burning coal, etc.


The Objective of the Environmental Education is

All the given options are incorporated under the objectives of environmental education.

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