Which of the Following is a Search Engine?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

A software program used to do web searches is known as a search engine. They conduct systematic searches of the World Wide Online for specific data that is defined in a text-based web search query. Typically, the search results are shown as a list of results, also known as search engine results pages (SERPs). If you are given the options of (A) Google, (B) Opera, (C) Firefox, and (D) Internet Explorer when asked, “Which of the following is a search engine?” What would be the answer to this? Let’s find out the answer in this post.​

Answer – Google is the search engine among the following.

A search engine is a specific type of website where a user can do an information search and have the relevant results displayed on the screen. A web browser, on the other hand, is a program used to access information from websites or HTML files that are stored on servers. There is no internal database in the web browser. It contains just memory for caching and storing cookies, but search engines have their database. Among the following, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are web browsers, and Google is a search engine


Which of the Following is a Search Engine?

Among (A) Google, (B) Opera, (C) Firefox, and (D) Internet Explorer, Google is the search engine.

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