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Information and Communication Technology is an important part of UGC NET Paper 1 Exam. It includes topics like Basics of Computer, Internet, ICT enabled technology, use of ICT in Higher Education and many more topics that are diverse in nature. Today we will look into the Basics of Computer and mainly its Types. The world around us is surrounded by computer. Hence, having knowledge of them is extremely necessary.

Types of Computer: Computers can be classified on the basis of their functioning, their input process, their output process, their size, their capabilities and their storage capacity. The different types of computers are as follows:

Analog computers

  • Analog computers always take input in form of signals.
  • The input data is not a number infect a physical quantity like temp., pressure, speed, velocity.
  • Signals are continuous of (0 to 10 V).
  • Accuracy 1% Approximately.
  • Example: Speedometer.

Digital Computers

  • These computers take the input in the form of digits & alphabets & converted it into binary format.
  • Digital computers are high speed, programmable electronic devices.
  • Signals are two level of (0 for low/off 1 for high/on).
  • Accuracy unlimited.
  • Examples: Computer used for the purpose of business and education is also an example of digital computers.

Hybrid Computer

  • The combination of features of an analog and digital computer is called a Hybrid computer.
  • The main examples are central national defence and passenger flight radar system.
  • They are also used to control robots.

Super Computer

  • The biggest in size.
  • Most Expensive
  • It can process trillions of instructions in seconds.
  • This computer is not used as a PC in a home neither by a student in a college.
  • Used by Govt. for different calculations and heavy jobs.
  • Supercomputers are used for the heavy stuff like weather maps, construction of atom bombs, earthquake prediction etc.


  • It can also process millions of instruction per second.
  • It can handle processing of many users at a time.
  • Less expensive than Supercomputer
  • It is commonly used in Hospitals, Air Reservation Companies as it can retrieve data on a huge basis.
  • This is normally too expensive and out of reach from a salary-based person.
  • It can cost up to thousands of Dollars.

Mini Computer

  • These computers are preferred mostly by small type of business personals, colleges etc.
  • These computers are cheaper than above two.
  • Its an intermediary between microcomputer and mainframe.

Micro Computer/ Personal Computer

  • It is mostly preferred by Home Users.
  • Cost is less compared to above.
  • Small in size.
  • A microcomputer contains a central processing unit on a microchip in the form of read-only memory and random access memory, and a housed in a unit that is usually called a motherboard.

Notebook Computers

  • Notebook computers typically weigh less than 6 pounds and are small enough to fit easily in a briefcase.
  • The principal difference between a notebook computer and a personal computer is the display screen.
  • Many notebook display screens are limited to VGA resolution.

Hope you guys now have a better understanding of the topic of Types of Computer. If you have any other queries, please comment.

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