UGC NET Study Notes on Teaching Aptitude

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : August 8th, 2022
  • Education is an asset to a person, it builds character, enhances personality, and makes the person rational, intelligent and responsive.
  • The twenty-first century is described by Industrialization, globalization, and urbanization has led to the emergence of multiculturalism. It is described as a century of stress and strain.
  • Education prepares youngsters to understand and face the realities of education.
  • It is viewed as an instrument of tolerance, developing cognitive qualities and understanding of people.
  • In this context, the schools and the teachers have more responsibilities in moulding the character of the students. Thus, the role of the teacher in society is vital for its improvement.
  • Studies have shown that among all the players affecting students like parents, community, peers and teachers, it is the teacher that plays a key role in student achievement.                                                                                                                                                

Dimensions of Teachers' Work

  • Facilitating learning to students.
  • Evaluating the learning outcomes of students. Assessing them reporting the drawbacks.
  • Engaging the students in Professional Learning
  • Participating in making the curriculum and other programs.
  • Initiatives in an Outcomes-focused Environment
  • Forming Partnerships within the School Community

Characteristics of the Profession

  • To equip with intellectual tendencies.
  • To acquire opportunities for development for various kinds of skills and abilities.
  • To generate the desire for service of society than for personal gain.
  • To generate its own standards.
  • To provide opportunities for regular and systematic promotion during the period of service.
  • To possess a strong professional organization behind it.
  • To acquire training for continuous improvement.

Effective teachers throughout their entire teaching career demonstrate the following professional attributes.


  • Teachers demonstrate good interpersonal skills by creating opportunities to communicate and share ideas, knowledge and experience with others.
  • Teacher seeks assistance from colleagues and when offered any advice they are keen to act on it.
  • Teachers encourage parents and students in the learning process.


  • Teachers are active and dedicated to educating young people and they act in the best interests of students.
  • Teachers inspire students by enjoying the challenges thrown at them.
  • Teachers are devoted to the personal, educational, social, cultural and moral development of their students and aim to teach them how to be life-long learners and active members of society.

Effective Communicator

  • Teachers have a presence that creates a positive influence on students‟ behaviour.
  • They can articulate their ideas and thoughts whilst modifying their language according to the audience and context.


  • Teachers respect the rights of others by acting with impartiality and consistency.
  • They have an understanding of the principles of social justice, demonstrate this by making just, and fair decisions.


  • Teachers are creative problem solvers who are willing to take risks in order to find new and enterprising solutions to educational issues and are inventive when developing educational programs.
  • They provide learning experiences that engage student interest and enhance student learning.


  • Teachers treat students with care and sensitivity by identifying and addressing their educational, physical, emotional, social and cultural needs.
  • They are astute in recognising and responding to barriers that inhibit student outcomes.


  • Teachers are constructive and supportive in their interaction with others.
  • They show flexibility in an ever-changing work environment and are willing to consider critically and implement change.
  • Teachers are advocates of their profession.

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