Paper-1 Mini-Series Study Notes on Modern Methods of Teaching

By Ashwani Tyagi|Updated : June 24th, 2021


Collaborative Learning

  • Generally, when students are asked to revise a topic or syllabus for examination, they revise in isolation at home.
  • Now, schools are coming with collaborative learning.
  • In this, the teacher form a group of students where they debate on topics, solve their problem and clear their queries.
  • This helps students in understanding the subject faster and developing social skills.
  • Students help each other to achieve the desired results.
  • This helps in developing the communication skills as well.
  • Diverse students meet each other at a place and review each other work.
  • Students exchange ideas and learn to face healthy criticism.

Spaced Learning

  • In this, teachers repeat a lesson multiple times until the students understand completely.
  • The teacher repeats the lesson with two 10-minute breaks in between the lessons.
  • The gap is given to refresh the mind by doing mindful techniques or physical activities which prepares them for the next session of the same lesson.
  • The break given to students helps in inheriting the knowledge and create a connection between lessons.
  • It truly supports the proverb that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
  • This form of learning also reduces obesity in children.
  • It improves both mental and physical health of a student.

Flipped Classroom

  • In this method of teaching, the teaching procedure takes place in a flipped manner.
  • Here, the students study new content or material at home and practice the same at school.
  • It is reverse of providing content at school and asks students to rework on it or practice it at home.
  • The students practice at home by searching online and watching video tutorial or work on the content usually shared by the teacher.
  • They do not need to complete the homework at home. They complete it at school.
  • In this, the student gets enough time to grasp the topic, unlike the school where they get less time to understand the topic.


  • Curiosity deserves the learner to learner to memorize the things that they miss in school or lessons that they forget in the classroom.
  • Students get motivated to explore the subjects they are interested in.
  • It makes the students self-dependent and gives them a deeper understanding of the content.


  • Teaching through games is one of the best teaching methods that has been in use under modern teaching ways.
  • Its significance has mostly been seen in the elementary and preschool system.
  • It motivated students of all age.
  • The teacher is responsible for planning and designing projects that are suitable for students.
  • Attractive measures are incorporated to connect with the students to keep their interest alive.
  • Teachers can organize online puzzles, quizzes and brain games.

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We hope you all understood the Modern Methods of Teaching for Paper-1.

Thank you, Team gradeup.

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