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By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : August 8th, 2022

After completing Post-graduation, Research becomes the next step for a student. Research is a comprehensive process, and it includes multiple factors and steps. The hypothesis is one among these steps of Research. Before pursuing research work, it’s our responsibility to have some basic understanding of the Hypothesis, its characteristics, functions as well as the types of Hypothesis. Knowing about it is also necessary for the UGC NET Paper 1 Exam. As UGC frequently ask questions on the topic of Hypothesis. So, let’s have a look at the Function, Characteristic and Sources of the Hypothesis.                                                                                                           

Hypothesis - It is an assumption or proposition whose tenability(Capability of being justified) is to be tested on the basis of its implications with empirical evidence and with the previous knowledge. It is the presumptive statement of a proposition or a reasonable guess, based upon the available evidences, which the researcher seeks to prove through his/her study. According to Van Dalen  “A hypothesis serves as a powerful beacon that lights the way for the research worker.” Hence, setting a hypothesis when we start our Research is extremely necessary as it provides the direction and objective of our research project. 

Functions of Hypothesis

  • Hypothesis predicts the association or relationship between two or more variables
  • hypothesis indicates what to look for in an investigation
  • Instruct how to select a sample, choose a design of Research, how to collect data and how to interpret the results to draw valid conclusions.
  • It helps in formulating the theory of Research
  • It determines the domain and range of Research
  • It enhances the objectivity in Research and simultaneously strengthens the claims of Research.

Sources of Hypothesis: The formulation of a good hypothesis is a difficult task. It requires a researcher to be speculative, imaginative having good knowledge, deep insight and an analytical mind. The sources that are available with a researcher for deriving a tenable hypothesis are as follows:

  • Creativity and experience of the researcher helps in deriving an adequate hypothesis
  • Background information about the topic is necessary , a rich background of knowledge enables the researcher to locate the key association among the variables. Hence, literature review is a major step of Research.
  • A researcher must possess a versatile intellect to spot the contributing variables very quickly in a study, to creatively imagine the output or solution to the problem. Thus, an alert mind is capable of deriving a meaningful hypothesis and rejecting a faulty hypothesis.
  • Analogies are a strong source for the formulation of Hypothesis and finding out solutions to the problem. Reasoning by analogy is based on similarities and differences between two situations in which a similar or the same phenomenon or event takes place.
  • A systematic review and analysis of theories developed in the field of psychology, sociology, political science and even in biological sciences may help the researcher to provide a suggestive base to formulate a hypothesis.

Characteristics of Good Hypothesis

  • It must be testable.
  • It must state the expected relationship between the variables.
  • It must state the expected relationship between the variables.
  • It must be clear and stated in a precise manner.
  • The Hypothesis should be limited in scope.
  • A hypothesis must be consistent with known facts. It must be consistent with a substantial body of established facts.
  • The Hypothesis should be amenable to testing within a reasonable time.
  • It should be future-oriented that it should have the ability to predict future events.
  • It should be able to prevent blind Research.

Let’s see a sample of the Hypothesis

Hypothesis:- “Academic achievement varies according to the level of intelligence.”

This Hypothesis suggests that intelligence influences academic achievement. Here Intelligence and academic achievement are the two measurable variables.

Hope you guys now have a better understanding of the topic of hypothesis and will be able to attempt the question from this part in UGC NET Paper 1. 

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