UGC NET Study Notes on Barriers of Communication

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : August 8th, 2022

Today, we are posting Study Notes on Communication Barriers subsection of Communication in Paper-1 for UGC NET Exam 2022.


Physical Barrier

  • Crowded places act as a barrier against effective verbal communication.
  • There can be traffic noise in the background.  The message is not transmitted effectively and leads to miscommunication.
  • Overload of information also acts as a communication barrier.
  • Illegible handwriting hinders written communication.
  • Not having good sleep, poor health, mood variation is also a physical barrier to effective communication.

Technical Barrier

  • In 2020, we can see most of the communication taking place through online medium
  • But, this form of communication could have barriers like:
  • Any problem in software and hardware or Internet not working in rain and storm.
  • The difference in the version of Hardware of software that is with sender and receiver.
  • Not having enough knowledge about the Technical part of the Internet.

Organizational Barrier

  • This is due to the structure and size of the organisation.
  • Hierarchy in the organization restrict effective communication- If the superior doesn’t listen to their subordinates then this act as a barrier to effective communication.
  • Also, if in the hierarchy, the chain of command is too long, then the message pass through several levels and some time distortion in the message occurs.
  • Specialization of jobs hinders communication with people who restricted to their domain of work.
  • Organization rules, power structure and complex structure also affect effective communication.

Psychological Barriers

  • Each and every person have a different world view about people, event and situation. Now, here communication is obstructed due to opinion attitude, emotions, interest, attention, participation, etc.
  • If the sender and receiver do not trust each other, then this will restrict communication.
  • People respond positively to those messages that reinforce their self-concept and reject those messages that are perceived to be threatening self-image.
  • Introvert people have difficulty in communicating with other people.

Linguistic and Cultural Barriers

  • Also called as Semantic Barriers.
  • It is related to language and the meaning of words, symbols and signs.
  • This occurs when the sender and receiver speak different languages.
  • For example- North Indians going to south India or South Indians coming to North India.
  • If the sender and receiver attribute different meanings to the words, symbols and signs, they won't be able to communicate effectively.
  • Miscommunication also arises if one takes the literal meaning of a word when in fact sender is trying to communicate figuratively.
  • Vocabulary also creates a barrier to communication. A person who does not have good vocabulary may not be able to decipher senders communication.

Physiological Barrier

  • People suffering from deafness, vision impairment speech disorders, short-term memory loss, etc will feel difficulty in communicating.

Mechanical Barrier

  • If there is difficulty in reception or some elements of the message may not reach the destination.
  • Channel noise is a technical term used for such mechanical barriers that include any disturbance in the physical transmission of a message.
  • Example- a disturbance in radio transmissions, blurredness on TV screens, spreading of ink on a newspaper, inaudibility of Telephone, etc.

Perceptual Barrier

  • The message depends upon how it is perceived through the senses. 
  • People have a different perception of reality. Therefore, they interpret the message in a different way.
  • Example- glass half-full is perceived differently. Some will perceive it as half empty and some will perceive it as half-full.

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We hope you all got the idea about different types of barriers to effective communication for the UGC NET Exam 2022.

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