Haryana Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips 2021 -Complete Study Plan for HPSC Civil Judge

Haryana Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips 2021 -Complete Study Plan for HPSC Civil Judge

ByArpit Kumar Jain  |  Updated on: Oct 4, 2021Haryana Judiciary has released Haryana Judiciary Admit Card 2021. Check Important Dates, Admit Card Link, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, and other information.
Haryana Judiciary has released Haryana Judiciary Admit Card 2021. Check Important Dates, Admit Card Link, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, and other information.
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Haryana Judiciary Preparation Tips and Strategy 2021 For Best Performance

The proper guidance, strategy, and smart work are required to clear Haryana Judicial Services 2021 exam. We are going to discuss the same thing in this article i.e. Preparation Strategy for Haryana Judicial Services 2021. Sometimes, we start with enthusiasm and get bored in a week. Does it happen to you? It's pretty obvious to get bored and fed up with rigorous study like Haryana Judicial Services. But there are various ways to tackle this problem and study longer, one such solution is the reward strategy,  you make short targets and reward yourself with small things when you achieve them like giving yourself a treat on completing the Evidence Act in two days. We will discuss this in detail in this article of Preparation Strategy for Haryana Judicial Services 2021.

The Haryana Judicial Service Exam is regarded as one of the most difficult in the state. You'll need the right instruction and preparation methods to clear this exam on the first attempt. For the HJS exam, you'll need at least 6 months of good preparation. This article will assist you in better understanding the Haryana Judiciary Exam preparation Tips.

Haryana Judicial Services Preparation Tips 2021

There are some basic important things of Haryana Judiciary Preparation 2021:

1. Bare act

2. Important textbooks

3. Previous year papers

4. Mock tests

5. Revision

  • Because the HJS exam includes both analytical and theoretical questions, you should concentrate on gaining conceptual clarity rather than rotting things right away.
  • Read newspapers on daily basis and try to relate the current with the knowledge you have and your books. If a piece of news is there about section 265 then you should go and check right away about it in your CrPC. You will find the language of the record, then you have to ask yourself, what do you know about it and read it again.
  • Make time table in order that you complete one topic then only you start another for example you should touch Evidence act only after you have completed CrPC.
  • Write an answer daily. You should right away start your writing practice.

Haryana Judicial Services Preparation Strategy 2021

The important points of Haryana Judiciary preparation are provided here.

Maintaining Consistency

  • Many times candidates jump into the preparation phase, with full enthusiasm and after 2-3 months, find it difficult to study at the same pace. Therefore maintaining consistency is the key.
  • As there is a saying preparing yourself for a 100-meter sprint is different than running a marathon. The pace has to be maintained.
  • Just not consistency, flexibility for trying out different strategies, during the preparation phase is equally important for Rajasthan Judiciary Exam.

 Follow a proper study plan

  • It is important that doing hard work is not sufficient. Out of those 100, approximately 70 percent do work hard, but still, they don’t get through. Hence, it is important to prepare smartly and efficiently. 
  • In simpler words, maintain a correct study plan and stick with it.
  • If your problem is in the execution of the study plan you design, you can keep weekly targets and then reward yourself after achieving them. 
  • Good time management is the key to success in the Madhya Pradesh Judiciary exam.

 Practice Quizzes, & Mocks 

  • Clearing the State Judiciary Exam is not just about hard work, it’s equally about the temperament you show during the Exam day.
  • It’s important to coach your mind for that, knowing the questions that require to be skipped and not letting the ego take over, which could end in investing an excessive amount of time over one question.
  • Practicing regularly is the only quality, that can make an average student clear this exam.

 Focus on Right Source based on syllabus

  • Many aspirants make the mistake of buying a lot of books and not focusing on a single one, which eventually turns out to be a blunder, if not corrected.
  • Read the "Important Books and Sources" only, these will be more than sufficient for the exam. 

 Focus on Each Subject

  • Generally, many aspirants start liking any one particular subject. And, start investing time in it, quite that’s required, leading to altering their original study plan.
  • It’s okay to like one subject more, but it shouldn’t be taking the time you meant to devote to some other subject, aspirants should focus on each subject. 

Make notes & Revise

  • Preparing notes play a vital role; it helps to make the revision process more comfortable and efficient.
  • If you can make your notes making the game strong, you can clear any exam easily.
  • Plan your revision strategy such that you can cover the entire syllabus a minimum of twice before the exam date.

 Take some free time

  • Watching movies Playing games, or doing anything that relaxes your mind, once in a while is okay.
  • Don't forget we are not Machines, taking a break is vital. Avoid over usage of the brain at a stretch, don’t study for long hours, rather study with taking breaks in between.

 Don't be over or underconfident

  • To Maintain your confidence level do some light exercises or yoga, like dancing, cycling, swimming, etc.
  • If you are confident about your success in Haryana Judiciary then you will surely achieve it.

Look leaders are not born in Classrooms but in their mindset

 Focus on Important Topics

  • Getting to know about these topics, from analyzing previous year Haryana Judiciary papers and devoting more time to it will surely be beneficial.
  • Not just this, but also knowing about the topics that are not usually asked in the exam is equally important.

Haryana Judicial Services Exam pattern 2021

The civil judge exam has two written papers. The prelims exam has only one paper and the mains exam has 5 papers. Candidates who qualify for the prelims exam are summoned for the mains exam. Check the detailed Haryana civil judge exam pattern below.

Haryana Judiciary Prelims Exam Pattern

The preliminary exam has 125 questions. Each question carries 4 marks. The candidates need to secure a minimum of 150 marks to qualify for the mains.

Type of Questions




Multiple-choice Questions


125 questions

2 hours


Analytical Skills

General Knowledge

Current affairs

Haryana Judiciary Mains Exam Pattern

The mains exam has 5 papers. There are 3 law papers and 2 language papers. Candidates need to secure a minimum of 50% marks to qualify for the interview process. All the papers are descriptive in nature. 

Paper & Subject Name





(Civil Law-I)

Code of Civil procedure

Punjab Courts Act

Indian Contract Act

Indian Partnership Act

Sale of Goods Act

Specific Relief Act

Indian Evidence Act

Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act 1973


3 Hours


(Civil Law ll)

Hindu Law

Mohammadan Law

Customary Law

Law of Registration and Limitation


3 Hours

Paper- 3

(Criminal law)

Indian Penal Code

Criminal Procedure Code

Indian Evidence Act


3 Hours

Paper - 4

(English - 200 Marks)

English Essay (1000-1100 words)


3 Hours



Words and Phrases






Paper - 5

(Hindi Language - 100 Marks)

Translation of an English passage into Hindi


3 Hours

Explanation of Hindi passage in prose and poetry


Composition (essay), Idioms, and corrections


Haryana Judiciary Interview

Candidates who secure the mains cutoff are called for the interview. The interview is of 100 marks. All candidates need to secure 50% marks in Mains and Interview. Only a few candidates are called for the interview after the mains examination.

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