APPSC Group 3 Salary 2022: Jobs List, In-hand Salary, Allowances

APPSC Group 3 Salary 2022: Jobs List, In-hand Salary, Allowances

ByShiwani Kumari  |  Updated on: Sep 26, 2022
APPSC Group 3 Salary is decided by the authorities. Candidates must check out APPSC Group 3 Salary Structure for a better understanding of the job. Also, check APPSC Group 3 jobs list, in-hand salary and more here.

APPSC Group 3 Salary 2022 is decided by Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission. It is set as per the 7th Pay Commission. Candidates preparing for the exam must know about APPSC Group 3 jobs list and salary to have a realistic plan for their future. APPSC Group 3 in-hand salary varies per the post for which a candidate is chosen. 

APPSC Group 3 Salary is considered to be well-paying. Once, selected candidates can get a salary in the range of Rs.16,400-49,870. We have detailed information about APPSC Group 3 jobs list and salary structure below to help candidates understand the job better.

APPSC Group 3 Salary 2022

APPSC Group 3 Salary is quite lucrative and is decided by Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission as per the norms of the government. Candidates who appear in the APPSC Group 3 2022 exam will be selected for for various rules pertaining to rural development. Thus, understanding APPSC Group 3 jobs list and salary becomes important for setting goals about future.

Candidates who are interested in the exam can check out APPSC Group 3 salary structure along jobs list. We have gathered all the details about APPSC Group 3 salary and provided them below for candidates.

APPSC Group 3 Salary Structure: In-hand Salary

APPSC Group 3 salary strcuture is decided as per the 7th Pay Commission of the government. It consists of the final salary received by the candidate after adding all the benefits and deducting taxes. For the selected candidates APPSC Group 3 in-hand is generally between the range of Rs.16,400-49,870. 

APPSC Group 3 Allowances

Apart from the basic salary, candidates also receive APPSC Group 3 allowances which also contribute to their salaries. These benefits are provided to the employees and make the job more lucrative. The list of APPSC Group 3 perks and benefits is provided below.

  • Employee Provident Fund
  • Travelling Allowance (TA)
  • Dearness allowances (DA)
  • House rent allowance (HRA)
  • Medical Expenses

APPSC Group 3 Jobs List

There are various posts under APPSC Group 3 jobs list that candidates should be aware of. Candidates should check out the list of APPSC Group 3 jobs below that mostly pertain to rural development.

  • Panchayat Secretary (Grade-IV) Digital Assistant
  • Panchayat Secretary (Grade-V)
  • Assistant Statistical Officer
  • Agriculture MPEOs
  • Sericulture MPEOs
  • Horticulture MPEOs
  • Welfare and Education Assistant
  • Junior Assistant cum Computer Assistant
  • Engineering Assistant
  • Survey Assistant
  • Animal Husbandry Assistant
  • Mahila Police and Women and Child Welfare Assistant
  • Multi-Purpose Fisheries Assistant
  • Assistant Social, BC, and Tribal Welfare Officers
  • Extension Officer Grade-I
  • ANMs
  • Village Revenue Officer

APPSC Group 3 Job Profile: Roles and Responsibilities

Candidates chosen as APPSC Group 3 employees have to perform certain duties as the Panchayat Secretary. These are the roles and responsibilities that must be fulfilled by the chosen candidates. Check out the APPSC Group 3 job roles and responsibilities below.

  • Collecting taxes and maintaining the records and registrars of Gram Panchayat.
  • Supervising the village crops and ensuring they are taken care of properly.
  • Any certifications or reports relating to the village inhabitants in regard to their finances, administrative work, etc. should be filled by the secretary.
  • Assisting government authorities during any major events or disasters.
  • Assisting Andhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation in matters related to the village.
  • Secretary must work under the Panchayat and stay within the jurisdiction.
  • It is their responsibility to ensure that our Panchayat meetings are held properly.
  • Maintainance and protection of Government and Panchayat properties and lands 
  • Must handle any issues that come under the working of Revenue Act.
  • Should ensure that villagers have the required help when they apply for loans, etc.
  • Should help police while investigating crimes.

APPSC Group 3 Exam Salary FAQs

  • APPSC Group 3 salary is according to the norms set by the government. Generally, APPSC Group 3 in-hand salary is decided in the range of Rs. 16,400-49,870.

  • APPSC Group 3 jobs list consist of various post, all of them pertaining to rural development. These posts include Panchayat Secretary, Assistant Statistical Officer, Agriculture MPEOs, Sericulture MPEOs, Horticulture MPEOs, Welfare and Education Assistant, etc.

  • APPSC Group 3 salary structure is decided as per the government norms. It includes various benefits like TA, DA, HRA, medical expenses, provident fund, etc. It might also vary as per the post for which the candidate is selected.

  • APPSC Group 3 in-hand salary is between Rs. 16,400-49,870 which is decided as per the government rules and regulations.

  • APSC group 3 job profile consist of various responsibilities such as ensuring villagers have all the help needed for financial matters, Panchayat is functioning effectively and meetings are held regularly. Also, to help other departments and the government whenever required for any new policies or during major events.

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