Learning Development Theories, Study Notes, Material - CTET Paper 1 & 2

By Komal|Updated : July 6th, 2021

Learning Development Theories Study Material, Notes

In this article, we should read related to the Learning Development Theories Important for the CTET Paper-1 & 2.

Developmental views of Learning Theories

  • Behaviourism
  • Cognitivism
  • Constructivism
  • Gestalt theory

Learning Development Theories

Approaches to Learning Theories: 

1. Behaviourism Theories are given by Thorndike, Pavlov, Watson, Hull, Tallman, Skinner

Main idea: Learning brings a change in Behaviour.

Central idea: Stimulus is present in the external environment.

Use in Education: Desired change in behavior (of the students).

Teacher’s role: Facilitating the child and making a conducive environment for gaining the desired outcome.

2. Cognitivism theories are given by – Jean Piaget, Kurt Lewin.

Main idea: Process based on internal functioning like insight, memory, perception, thinking, information processing, etc.

Central point: Internal cognitive structures.

Use in education: Developing capacities and potentialities based on Cognitive attitude.

Teacher’s role: Focusing on Cognitive Aspects.

3. Constructivism: Theories are given by Lev Vygotsky, Bruner

Main Idea: Knowledge is a constructed entity.

Central Point: We construct the understanding of this whole world based on making sense of the experiences.

Use in Education: Learning processes must be based on primary and sole Concepts, not just factual information.

Teacher’s role: Social aspects must be given an appropriate place.

4. Gestalt Theory Theories are given by Kohler, Koffka, Wertheimer.

Main idea: Higher-order Cognitive Aspects and processes continuing in the brain.

Central Idea: Every piece of Cognitive information is passed into our brain in meaningful patterns or as an organized whole.

Use in education: Already Gained experiences and knowledge must be applied to solve a problem and learning should be considered as “It’s for problem-solving”.

This article tends to be beneficial for the following exams - REETUPTETCTETSuper TETDSSSBKVS etc.
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  •  Behaviourism Theories are given by Thorndike, Pavlov, Watson, Hull, Tallman, Skinner.

  • Cognitivism theories are given by – Jean Piaget, Kurt Lewin.

  • Constructivism: Theories are given by Lev Vygotsky, Bruner.

  • Gestalt Theory Theories are given by Kohler, Koffka, Wertheimer.

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