SBI PO 2018: Vansh Bhatia Interview Experience

By Kanika Ralhan|Updated : October 9th, 2018
In this post, we are sharing SBI PO Interview Experience of Vansh Bhatia. You can check questions asked to her in Interview and topic of Group Discussion. 

SBI PO 2018 GD/GE/Interview Experience: Vansh Bhatia

Date: 29/09/18
Venue: Lucknow
Panel: 1
Time: 8:30 AM
I reached late at 8:45 due to some conveyance issue. Despite being late the staff was very cordial. Document verification was done. After that, we were ascorted to the GE room. Basic instructions were given & then our moderators retired GM & retired AGM arrived. Instead of telling the procedure. They ask us the procedure & then add their views on it. They clearly mentioned language is not a barrier. We can discuss in either English or Hindi. It is a test of how we work cordially in a group. 
GD topic- *Increasing number of Cars- Sign of prosperity or Problem*
We were given 5 minutes to jot down our points. In the panel, there was no girl. All the members were very cordial. All except one were of a view that it's a problem & we went little out of the topic & started talking about solutions which was correctly pointed by our moderator. But he praised us & told he haven't seen a such discussion in a long time. No quarrel, no fish market all were good. I couldn't get a chance to add much to the topic & speaked just once. Moderators gived us 5 mins break & then prioritisation started. We were clearly told it is a test of our ability to convince others.
GE topic- *Ill effects of Social Media*
We have to arrange them in the order of severity. Most severe one should be ranked one but & so on.
We had a very good discussion. Despite many differences in the opinion, the santity of the discussion was maintained throughout. I redeemed my GD thing in GE & participated in it multiple times. Moderators praised us & one of them added his views too & gave the example of Bill Clinton's ex gf & white house intern Monica Lewisky. She gave a very strong speech on body shaming at a Tedx event & he adviced us to watch that. 
Interview started soon after that. I was given number 9 so my turn came much later. We were given English & Hindi newspapers to read & some refreshments. Before my turn, I listened *Kar Har Maidan Fateh* to ease myself. So finally my turn came. Their were 5 male & 1 female. I greeted them individually starting with Mam. Chairman asked me to sit & started.
CM - Asked Questions related to my father & mother occupation
Me- Answered
CM- From where you have done your graduation?
Me- Teerthanker Mahaveer University Moradabad
CM- Tell me some subjects of your graduation.
Me- Subjects related to management & economics. I opted finance specialization in my final year. Banking & insurance was my subject at last year
CM- Banks also do insurance. Can u tell the term.
Me- Bancassurance
M2- What is Teerthanker?
Me- it's a prefix added to Jain Gurus  although I'm not sure
M2- What is Mahaveer?
Me- He is a Jain Guru.
M2- Tell me more...
Me- Sorry Sir I don't know much about him.
F1- Tell his contemporary
Me- Sorry mam I don't know
M2- GST?
Me- Goods & Service Tax. It has 4 slabs 5,12,18,28
M2- Don't you think 0 is also a slab ( he stretched this topic to put me in pressure)
Me(At last)- Yes Sir 0 could be one of the slab
M2- Products exempted from GST?
Me- Liquor & tobacco products
M2- Tell me more
Me(after 4 5 seconds)- Petroleum products
M3- Good
CM- Do u think petroleum should be brought under gst?
Me- Yes it should be 
CM- Tell me 2 reasons for the hike in petroleum prices. Cross questioning on trade war, rupee depreciating, etc.
Me- Told (they seems satisfied)
F1- Rampur mei kya chiz famous hai & a couple of follow up questions related to rampur by her & others
Me- Told everything
CM- U play badminton?
Me- Yes Sir
CM- Tell me Indian players who have won All England Championship
Me(After 3 4 seconds)- Prakash Padukone & Gopichand 
M2- Tell me one women too..
Me- sorry Sir I don't know about women 
CM- What is Balance of Trade & cross questions (they expressed their views too)
Me- Told
F1- That's it Thank You Vansh 
I thanked each one of them (all were smiling)
Panel was very friendly & I had one of the best experience of my life
Much needed lunch boxes were given to all of us which included- Sandwiches, paneer pakoda, kachodi, vegetable, dhokla, Frooti & Sweet dish (quality of food was really good)
Be positive
All the best 

Thanks !!


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