CAT Vocabulary: Best Ways to Remember Words to Crack MBA Entrance Exam

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : April 18th, 2022

The aspirants can find vocabulary word-related questions in the VARC section of the CAT exam. These are the questions that do follow any formulas, rules, and regulations to solve. Hence, the aspirants have to memorize them during exams.

The majority of CAT aspirants overlook vocabulary. This is due to the fact that the CAT does not ask direct vocabulary questions. Instead, it combines complicated terms into the VARC parts of the CAT exam's questions. You can't tackle the questions without knowing what the words signify, though you could have easily solved the question if you just understood what they meant.

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Remembering vocabulary words for the CAT exam might seem like a gruesome task especially with a plethora of formulas in the QA section. The aspirants must follow expert guidance to prepare for the vocabulary section in the CAT exam. To ensure a strong grip on this part, they need the time investment and some preparation strategy. 

The BYJU’S Exam Prep Experts have highlighted a few tricks that the candidates may find beneficial to remember CAT vocabulary words. 

Tricks to Remember CAT Vocabulary Words

To prepare CAT vocabulary words, the aspirants can follow the below tricks. They will find it beneficial for their preparation.

Start Reading & Make it a Habit

Reading habit is very important to build your vocabulary. So, the aspirants must follow a daily reading habit of good novels, magazines, and newspapers like the Economist, and The Hindu. A daily investment of 30 minutes in the morning will help you in the examination. It will enhance your word stock and the aspirants can easily learn the meaning & usage of those words.

Also, get the best CAT Books 2022 for the vocabulary section

Maintain Notes

The aspirants must note down every uncommon word with its meaning and uses in the sentences. It is necessary to memorize the words so that you can solve the CAT questions easily.

Keeping a vocabulary journal will be quite beneficial. When you have free time, you can continue to revise the words noted. The act of writing it down also helps you remember the word. Keeping a vocabulary journal for the CAT can also help you keep track of your vocab improvement. This progress will hold you accountable, motivating you to acquire new vocabulary.

Try to Make Own Your Sentence

CAT aspirants should start Practicing sentence making. If they start making sentences with their newly learned words, they will become more confident and familiar with the meaning of that words. Once you come across a new word and have learned the meaning of it, try forming your sentence using that word. It will help you register and memorize the word faster. 

Etymology or roots of the word

This is a fantastic technique to remember what words signify. The majority of English terms have a Latin or Greek origin. Etymology teaches us about the origins of a term and how it came to be in its current form. It will explain how it is related to other words. This contributes to the creation of a storyline, which is always simpler to recall than facts.

Flashcards - The aspirants can also use different websites like Membean and Magoosh to have an add-on to remember CAT vocabulary words.

Solve Crosswords Puzzle

Solving vocabulary crosswords will stimulate the cognitive thinking of the aspirants and make learning fun and easy. In your free time, you can download various vocabulary-related games and crosswords. 

Have More Conversations

Try and use the new vocabulary in your everyday life conversations. This is because you will not remember your newly learned words for longer than a week unless you utilize them in discussions. Talking will assist you in recalling words from memory as well as learning their connotation. 

If you don't have a strong vocabulary, get the help of someone who does. When you learn a new word while conversing with them, write it down in your vocab notebook. This is also a fantastic method to meet new people.



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