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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

RBI Grade B Job Profile: Every year, the Reserve Bank of India holds the RBI Grade B exam to choose qualified applicants for its several branches throughout the nation. The RBI manages commercial banks and helps the Indian government with financial matters during the fiscal year, among other crucial tasks for the nation. The RBI Grade B job profile is one of the most esteemed jobs for people seeking employment in India’s banking industry.

Candidates must know about the RBI Grade B Job Profile and Career Growth before appearing for the examination in a detailed manner to eliminate confusion. The RBI Grade B job profile and career growth opportunities will help all the students going to appear for this exam gain an insight into the work culture and type of tasks that they would undergo after selection.

RBI Grade B Job Profile

The RBI Grade B exam is one of the toughest exams in the banking sector. The selected candidate for RBI Grade B will be on probation for 2 years which can be extended to 4 years based on their performance. After your training is over, you may be allotted to different departments. This is purely random, people with hardcore finance experience may be given HRD and vice versa. Some of the departments that may be allotted are Financial Markets, Banking Supervision, Banking Regulation, Currency Issuing, Public Debt Office, Foreign Exchange, HRD, etc.

The RBI Grade B job profiles vary from department to department. However, you will be transferred from one department to another after some time. Some of the Grade B officers will also be involved in planning and policy decisions. The RBI is a regulator and there are myriads of opportunities and work. One thing is sure, the job is not monotonous.

RBI Grade B Job Locations

RBI, is one of the most prestigious institutions in India & a brand in itself and there is no need to explain how prestigious this post is. RBI is headquartered in Mumbai and most of the offices are in metros only. In most places, RBI has dedicated quarters that are easy to get.

RBI Grade B Promotion

Unlike normal PSU banks, RBI has defined working hours. Plus all weekends are holidays (except for some which are directly related to banks operations viz. NEFT etc.). The work is easily manageable in the normal working hours and RBI promotes a good work-life balance.

The direct recruited RBI Grade B officers have a good chance to reach the level of Deputy Directors. There are promotional examinations to reach the next stage. The RBI Grade B promotional hierarchy level is given below.


Myths About RBI Grade B Job Profile

  • Only people with strong finance backgrounds clear this exam: Not true at all. People with journalism as a background are also selected for this exam. Candidates must go through the RBI Grade B eligibility criteria for details.
  • It’s like a normal bank, monotonous job, lack of growth opportunities: Another myth. RBI rarely involves public dealing and this makes a lot of difference. As already stated, there are diverse departments and RBI acts as a regulator, the job is very interesting with decent growth opportunities.
  • IITs and IIMs grads are preferred: Not true. The final selected batch might be skewed towards engineers but nowhere there is any preference. It all depends on your marks for the Phase II exam and interview.
  • The Phase I score is just above the cutoff, so I will not be able to make it: Statistics show that only the top 3 percentile students clear Phase 1. This should make you proud and not disheartened. The race is not over yet.
  • I will focus on Phase I for now and then on Phase II: Another mistake. RBI doesn’t provide enough time for Phase II preparation, this time it is 20 days only. Make sure to start preparing for Phase II from day 1.
  • I am getting a good scores in SSC and IBPS/ I am preparing for UPSC, RBI should be a cakewalk: Scoring good marks in the said examinations will boost your confidence but you should keep in mind that the pattern is entirely different. The level of DI and Quantitative Aptitude is up to the level of CAT and reasoning is also very tough.

RBI Grade B Job Profile – Roles and Responsibilities

RBI Grade B is one of the most esteemed positions in the nation’s government sector. Due to the great levels of fame and honour attached to it, it typically draws people to it. When the government needs financial aid, RBI frequently provides assistance. Some of RBI Grade B officers’ roles and responsibilities are discussed below.

  • The RBI is the sole provider of currency, except for ₹1. In order to ensure the smooth movement of these currencies to and within the commercial banks authorised by the Reserve Bank of India, the RBI Grade B officers perform their duties.
  • The RBI Grade B job profile also includes ensuring financial stability in the market while closely examining the causes that contribute to inflation and deflation.
  • It is the duty of these RBI Grade B employees to inform the nation’s populace about all new policies and tools. The RBI has been implemented to facilitate the public’s financial transactions.

RBI Grade B

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